January 11, 2008 07:24 ET

Fortis offers first ABN AMRO investment product to customers in Belgium and Luxembourg

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - January 11, 2008) -

ABN AMRO World Bank Eco-3Plus Note

Just three months after the acquisition of ABN AMRO, Fortis Retail Bank will launch a sustainable investment product in collaboration with ABN AMRO Markets and the World Bank as the issuer of the Note for its customers in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In launching the ABN AMRO World Bank Eco-3 Plus Note in Belgium and Luxembourg, the three organisations have joined forces to combine sustainable investing with an attractive return potential. The Note will be sold through the Fortis network of over 1,100 branches in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as online.

In developing the World Bank Eco-3 Plus Note, the banks worked together to create a product where investing goes hand in hand with contributing to a better world. The World Bank is dedicated to providing financing, risk management products and other financial services together with their technical expertise to support developing countries in their poverty alleviation efforts and to stimulate economic development. ABN AMRO Markets is at the forefront of innovative structured investment products for the retail market, including sustainable investment options. Fortis is continuously strengthening its offer with innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers. The ABN AMRO World Bank Eco-3 Plus Note unites the strengths of all three institutions.

Solid return, minimum risk

The ABN AMRO World Bank Eco-3 Plus Note has a 6-year term and pays a variable annual coupon of between 3% and 10%, depending on the performance of the ABN AMRO Eco Index. This index is made up of companies engaged in alternative energy, clean water, waste processing and carbon reduction. These companies are expected to benefit from the growing awareness that climate change must be called to a halt. The Note is issued by the World Bank which also guarantees that the principal is returned to investors on maturity.

Gino Alzetto, Executive Director for Belgium and Luxembourg at the World Bank: "ABN AMRO, which has a well-known reputation for placing a high priority on sustainability, created a structure that fits well with the World Bank's desire to raise awareness of sustainable investments. The resulting product enables individual investors to simultaneously accomplish three different goals. They invest money safely thanks to our AAA credit rating, earn a minimum coupon that has the potential of being more depending on the performance of the ABN AMRO Eco Index, and help fund World Bank social, health, environmental and other projects around the world. We are also delighted to be collaborating with Fortis, which will be adding this unique bond to its portfolio of investment alternatives and allow us to communicate the World Bank's mission to individuals throughout Belgium and Luxembourg."

Camille Fohl, CEO Retail Banking Fortis: "At Fortis, sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) means generating both financial and sustainable value. We offer our clients products that satisfy their goal of achieving healthy investment returns and their desire to contribute to a better world. We are most happy to have this in common with the approach of ABN AMRO and the World Bank. Combining the excellent credit rating of the World Bank with the attractiveness of the ABN AMRO Eco Index makes this a unique product that definitely enhances our product range."

Jean-Paul van Oudheusden, Head of ABN AMRO Markets in the Benelux region: "With the introduction of the ABN AMRO Eco Index in May 2007, the bank already responded to the growing awareness that climate change and the environment present opportunities to companies aiming to prevent irreversible damage. By linking this product to the guarantee offered by the World Bank's AAA rating, retail investors are given an opportunity to combine a solid investment with a worthwhile contribution to the good work of the World Bank. Because of innovative products like the World Bank Eco-3 Plus Note, we are the proud winner of the Best in Benelux Award 2007 for Structured Products."

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