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November 12, 2007 09:47 ET

Fortress Technologies Successfully Demonstrates "Suite B" Capable Secure Wireless Access Bridge During U.S. Pacific Command Exercise

Talisman Saber Focuses on Crisis Action Planning, Execution of Contingency Response Operations

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Fortress Technologies, a leading provider of security and secure wireless solutions, today announced that it successfully demonstrated its implementation of National Security Agency (NSA) Suite B Cryptography capability of their ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge and Secure Client software during the Talisman Saber 2007 exercise. Fortress' Suite B security products implement a set of cryptographic algorithms defined by the NSA to provide standard, interoperable security for protecting both classified and sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information*. Suite B provides a flexible, affordable and easy-to-use complement to heavily restricted Type 1 products currently used to meet U.S. government security requirements for classified information.

"NSA Suite B requirements are the next step in ensuring the advancement of security for sensitive information exchanges," said Janet Kumpu, President, Fortress. "Fortress has already incorporated Suite B security algorithms into our security controller suite and has now successfully tested it with the ES520 and our Secure Client for Microsoft Windows®. Having one of the first solutions on the market with this capability further establishes Fortress as a leader in secure wireless for mission-critical applications."

Sponsored by the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM), Talisman Saber is an exercise designed to train the U.S. Seventh Fleet commander's staff and Australian joint operations staff as a designated Joint Task Force (JTF) headquarters. The exercise focuses on crisis action planning and the execution of contingency response operations through land, sea and air training. Fortress' ES520 was used as part of an integrated combat camera system known as NOViSS (NORM-Oriented Video Streaming System) -- a low-cost, high-bandwidth secure wireless video surveillance solution supporting maritime, littoral and amphibious environments. The demonstration provided an autonomous, high throughput network for voice, video and data communications. In total, USPACOM integrated 13 technologies for joint experimentation and military utility assessment during the exercise.

"Exercises like Talisman Saber are important for the defense community to proactively test technology that can be immediately integrated into their current architectures, enabling a more efficient military," said Kumpu. "The ability to respond quickly to, and successfully execute against, crisis and contingency plans is critical to saving lives. We applaud USPACOM for their efforts in this area."

The ES520 is an all-in-one network access device with built-in security. The ES520 is ideally suited to work as a self-contained network combining the functions of a wireless access point, Ethernet switch and security gateway in a form factor engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments. Delivering a Suite B capable product required Fortress to incorporate commercial cryptographic algorithms -- including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for key exchange, as well as hashing -- into its existing National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) FIPS 140-2 certified security solutions.

*The NSA may evaluate Suite B products on a case-by-case basis for use in protecting U.S. Government classified information.

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