Forensic Technology Inc.

Forensic Technology Inc.

November 13, 2009 14:20 ET

Founder of Firearm Fingerprinting Technology to Receive Honorary Doctorate

IBIS technology is used all across the world to help police link crimes, guns and suspects

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 13, 2009) - On Friday, November 13th, Robert Walsh will be receiving an honorary doctorate (Science) from Concordia University. Although his name may not be familiar, his company and technology has helped hundreds of law enforcement agencies solve tens of thousands of crimes.

Television shows - such as C.S.I. have captured the imagination of millions of people, offering viewers a fascinating peek of life inside a forensic lab. Robert Walsh is the man who helped create one of the most critical innovations used every day on those shows and - more importantly - in real life. His Integrated Ballistic Identification System or IBIS has changed the way firearm crimes are investigated and solved in nearly 50 countries. In short, his pioneering work has helped make the world a safer place.

Mr. Walsh didn't start out in the criminal justice sector. He's an engineer by trade. After graduating from Loyola College in 1963, he went on to study mechanical engineering at McGill.

He founded Walsh Process Control in 1969 to specialize in the application of automation and process control technologies to increase profitability in manufacturing.

In 1991, he took a leap of faith. His started a pilot research project to automate the process of matching spent bullets and cartridge cases to the weapon from which it was fired. His efforts paid off.

A year later, he started a new company, Forensic Technology, to focus on his newly development passion, crime-solving technology. The Montreal-based enterprise quickly established itself as a world leader thanks to its IBIS network, which is used to identify digital fingerprints of bullets or cartridges in crime labs worldwide. Forensic Technology has helped authorities trace over 100,000 gun-related crimes by allowing the sharing of information between labs, between cities, and even countries.

A member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec, Mr. Walsh brings technical experience as well as over 44 years of business expertise to the company. In addition to the Montreal headquarters they have offices in the United States, Ireland, South Africa and Thailand and employ a team of engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals.

As new technology emerges, Forensic Technology is continually evolving and updating their processes. Under Mr. Walsh's strong leadership, the company has grown steadily over the last 17 years, as has the science of forensic investigation.

Among many awards, Mr. Walsh was honoured by Ernst & Young in 2002 with the Quebec Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Forensic Technology won the 2002 Mercuriades Award for technical innovation, research and development and was named one of Canada's best 50 managed companies by Deloitte and Touche and CIBC for two years running. The following year, the company was awarded the Canada Export Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Export Award.

Mr. Robert Walsh is a prime example of the creativity, innovation and excellence of Canadian engineering and entrepreneurship. In fact, he is an example to us all. We can all learn from his hard work, his dedication, and his willingness to risk everything for something he believes in.

The ceremony takes place at Place Des Arts, in Montreal at 3pm.

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