SOURCE: Author Per Winblad

Author Per Winblad

November 20, 2009 14:56 ET

Four Tips for the "Wise" Leader

Expert Reveals How Wisdom Can Bolster Leadership Skills

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - November 20, 2009) - According to the 2009 Frost & Sullivan CEO survey released this month, the top three leadership objectives that CEOs value in the coming year are vision, strategy and innovation. However, executive coach Per Winblad thinks that wisdom will be the driving force for the development towards our future.

"Wisdom is the engine," said Winblad, author of "The Wisdom of Leadership: Timeless Principles for Greater Purpose, Prosperity and Peace of Mind," from Lighthouse Hill Press ( "Without wisdom, every other part of the leadership equation risk to go awry. Many leaders think that wisdom is a quality that either you have or you don't, but wisdom CAN be learned, if you know the path."

Winblad offered CEOs four tips to get them on the path in 2010:

Make a choice - Becoming a wise and inspiring leader starts with a decision to make a difference and to lead a life that really matters. This choice gives us the courage to dare to strive for something higher and better, to live for a cause, a purpose, a vision and to be determined to carry it through.

Make your core values clear and align your life with them - Wisdom is not the same as knowledge or intelligence. Wisdom is how we use those qualities in an ethical way. It's an insight of what is true, right, and lasting, something that everyone has to value during a lifetime.

Create a balance - The next key is to create a balance in life between work, family, friends, and personal interests. Chasing worldly fame and fortune is in demand in the world we live in. Nevertheless, they are, as wise old King Solomon once expressed it, good servants but poor masters. When we pursue worldly success as objectives for our lives and leadership, we will never get enough.

Listen and learn - If you want to be a wiser leader, develop your willingness to listen and learn. Wise leaders learn from what other says to them. They are keen to find out what other people have to say. When we listen, we are showing respect for our co-workers and fellow man.

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