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October 29, 2007 19:30 ET

Fovia™ Introduces Next Generation High Definition Volume Rendering® Engine

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - October 29, 2007) - Fovia Medical, Inc., a leader in 3D graphics and volume visualization technology, today announced the release of its third generation High Definition Volume Rendering® software. Fovia's thin-client engine allows users to take full advantage of multi-core processors and 64-bit architecture, resulting in a dramatic boost in system performance and allowing interactive HDVR™ rendering of the largest datasets generated by today's medical imaging equipment.

Fovia's software-only solution has unparalleled interactive image quality, superior performance, and better memory utilization than other products currently available -- including expensive, hardware-based approaches. The superior quality and performance of HDVR is the result of proprietary algorithms that provide interactive, supersampling quality on desktop and networked laptop computers, without using specialized hardware or video cards. Fovia's HDVR engine has been ported to Mac OS X Leopard, now offering full native 64-bit support enabling applications to take complete advantage of 64-bit processing.

"Fovia's objective is to develop and deliver the highest-quality, fully interactive volume visualization product. Our software-only, thin-client solution enables radiologists and other physicians to perform advanced volume imaging on affordable, off-the-shelf hardware so the massive amount of imaging data acquired by modern scanners can be more effectively utilized and shared," said Ken Fineman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fovia Medical, Inc. "Leopard's 64-bit power, and its ability to fully utilize the strength of the newest multi-core processors, makes Fovia's High Definition Volume Rendering engine ideally suited for use in the Leopard environment, representing an important next step in the deployment and usage of software-only volume imaging applications."

"Leopard delivers full native 64-bit support to enable applications to take complete advantage of 64-bit processing while still running side by side with existing 32-bit applications and drivers," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We're thrilled that Fovia will take advantage of Leopard's native 64-bit support to speed up rendering of the vast datasets created by the latest medical imaging equipment."

About Fovia Medical, Inc.

Fovia Medical, Inc., a subsidiary of Fovia, Inc., is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and is an international leader in volume rendering, an advanced technique for visualizing and analyzing large volumes of data in three dimensions.

Fovia's HDVR solution overcomes the many limitations of currently available imaging technologies, therefore enabling physicians to take full advantage of 3D imaging as part of everyday patient care. Selected features and benefits of Fovia's proprietary solution include:

--  High Definition Volume Rendering
--  On-the-fly, interactive supersampling with off-the-shelf hardware
--  Software-only solution that is faster than specialized hardware (ASIC)
    and video card-based approaches
--  Interactive rendering of large datasets without data downsampling
--  Non-compromised remote rendering over the internet or wireless
--  Interactive rendering without preprocessing
--  Scalability with more users, larger datasets, bigger rendering planes,
    multiple CPUs and clustering
--  Instant segmentation
--  Modification of the transfer function on-the-fly
--  On-the-fly auto-navigation for fly-through
--  Subvoxel precision for 3D measurement
--  Compatibility with Macintosh/Windows/Linux platforms

Fovia has designed its HDVR software engine to be easily integrated into various original equipment manufacturers' offerings, therefore allowing PACS companies, imaging modality manufacturers and other medical imaging OEMs to easily, quickly and cost-effectively integrate a best-of-breed 3D solution.

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