October 31, 2007 18:02 ET

Fovia Licenses High Definition Volume Rendering® Technology to Stanford for Advanced Visualization Research

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - October 31, 2007) - Fovia Medical, Inc., a world leader in volume rendering technology, and Drs. Sandy Napel, Ph.D., Professor of Radiology, and Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D., Professor of Radiology, co-Directors of the Stanford University Department of Radiology's 3D Laboratory, an internationally recognized academic leader in 3D imaging, today announced a research license agreement that will allow researchers in the 3D Laboratory at Stanford to integrate Fovia's High Definition Volume Rendering® technology into their advanced imaging research.

"Stanford has focused for many years on research regarding the acquisition, post-processing and analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data," said Dr. Napel. "By incorporating Fovia's technology into our research and validation software, we hope to determine if we can accelerate our ability to conceive, implement, and evaluate the utility of new paradigms for interpretation of multi-dimensional medical images."

Fovia's HDVR™ technology has far lower computational costs, better memory utilization and superior interactive image quality than currently available solutions -- including expensive dedicated workstations and other hardware-based approaches. These performance improvements stem from proprietary, adaptive algorithms that provide interactive, supersampling quality on desktop PCs and networked laptop computers, without using specialized hardware or video cards.

"Fovia was founded to create the world's best quality, fully interactive, volume visualization solution, and to do so with a 'software-only' approach. One of our key objectives is to enable radiologists and other physicians to perform advanced volume imaging on affordable, off-the-shelf hardware so that imaging data acquired by modern scanners can be more effectively utilized and shared," said Ken Fineman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fovia Medical, Inc. "We see the agreement with Stanford, one of the pre-eminent 3D medical imaging academic institutions in the world, as a crucial next step in the development deployment, and validation of software-only volume imaging applications."

About Fovia Medical, Inc.

Fovia Medical, Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., is an international leader in volume rendering, an advanced technique for visualizing and analyzing large volumes of data in three dimensions.

Fovia's HDVR solution overcomes the many limitations of currently available imaging technologies, therefore enabling physicians to take full advantage of 3D imaging as part of everyday patient care. Selected features and benefits of Fovia's proprietary solution include:

--  High Definition Volume Rendering
--  On-the-fly, interactive supersampling with off-the-shelf hardware
--  Software-only solution that is faster than specialized hardware (ASIC)
    and video card-based approaches
--  Interactive rendering of large datasets without data downsampling
--  Non-compromised remote rendering over the internet or wireless
--  Interactive rendering without preprocessing
--  Scalability with more users, larger datasets, bigger rendering planes,
    multiple CPUs and clustering
--  Instant segmentation
--  Modification of the transfer function on-the-fly
--  On-the-fly auto-navigation for fly-through
--  Subvoxel precision for 3D measurement
--  Compatibility with Macintosh/Windows/Linux platforms

Fovia has designed its HDVR software engine to be easily integrated into various original equipment manufacturers' offerings, therefore allowing PACS companies, imaging modality manufacturers and other medical imaging OEMs to easily, quickly and cost-effectively integrate a best-of-breed 3D solution.

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About Stanford's Department of Radiology

The Stanford University Department of Radiology is committed to improving healthcare through excellence in clinical care, research and teaching. Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, the Department of Radiology enjoys a superior community of scholars, physicians and staff that is dedicated to the development and application of meaningful knowledge and technology for the benefit of patient care.

Drs. Sandy Napel, Ph.D., and Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D. are consultants to Fovia Medical, Inc. and are members of its Medical Advisory Board.

Fovia, High Definition Volume Rendering, and HDVR are trademarks of Fovia, Inc.

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