SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

April 13, 2010 12:30 ET

Fragmentation Prevention and Productivity

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  Over the years, billions of research dollars have been spent on increasing computer system performance, both on software and hardware. While all kinds of technical specs get cited and the focus on various performance issues can get quite complex, the function of faster system performance within a corporation has one simple purpose: increased productivity. If system performance is in fact sped up, the customer is going to get serviced faster, the order is going to reach the warehouse faster, it will be picked or manufactured faster, and it will be shipped faster. And, probably best of all, the company will be paid faster.

One mortal enemy of system performance is file fragmentation. The additional I/Os required for every fragment of every file to be read and written slow down a system more than noticeably; it can easily get to a point where the system frequently hangs. The impact on productivity, in such cases, is substantial.

"Our order entry application is a vendor-supplied software that is built using tens of thousands of tiny data files," said Brian Tuley, IT Director at Midco Connections in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "The server itself was suffering performance issues diagnosed to be disk read/write bottlenecks. The disk read/write queue would actually get so large the server would reboot itself. Since we're a 24x7 call center, that type of failure is unacceptable."

Tuley conducted considerable research into the problem and decided to try Diskeeper® 2010 performance software. Diskeeper 2010 is a fully automatic solution that goes far beyond defragmentation; it actually prevents a majority of file fragmentation before it even occurs. Utilizing IntelliWrite technology, a new revolutionary breakthrough, Diskeeper intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with Diskeeper superior defragmentation technology, Diskeeper delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site.

"When first installed, Diskeeper reported the server volumes as critically fragmented," Tuley said. "After approximately 3 weeks, the server was no longer critical, and it no longer reboots."

Another problem Tuley and his company suffered is also a common effect of fragmentation: slow backup times. Diskeeper solved this problem as well -- and quite dramatically. "Tape backup time dropped from 8 hours to 90 minutes, demonstrating the significant throughput cost of file fragmentation," Tuley said.

Fragmentation is a severe detriment to system performance. But more importantly, it impedes the overall productivity of the enterprise. Diskeeper 2010 automatically makes fragmentation a thing of the past.

"I couldn't imagine running our servers without Diskeeper just due to the throughput enhancements," Tuley concluded.

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