July 10, 2009 09:17 ET and Warren Buffet Agree: A Second Obama Stimulus Package Should Focus on Small and Micro Cap Businesses

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - July 10, 2009) - Spending money where it matters is the important issue in the press today. A MSN Money summary of the economy yesterday reports that the US government is hoping that private investment money will follow its public investments. It went of further to suggest, funds for stimulus projects should flow to businesses spurring them to increase spending and create more jobs, ultimately leading to a recovery in consumer spending. Small and medium size businesses make up over 70% of this great country's GDP. If and when a second stimulus package is released, the Obama administration should ensure the funds get allocated to the most important and largest area of GDP - small and medium size businesses. At we closely analyse and comment on the issues and merits of micro and small cap stocks being a proven part of a diversified portfolio, especially in today's economy. is a premier research firm that alerts investors to small and micro cap companies (a.k.a. "penny stocks") poised for solid growth. We share with you what we discover through our due diligence and analysis of interesting small and micro cap companies run by real people. We bring you small companies with big ideas. Most importantly, brings you micro and small cap companies that have a realistic vision and a credible plan.

Yesterday, billionaire Warren Buffet called for a second stimulus. "I think that a second one may well be called for," Warren Buffett, the widely respected investor, said yesterday morning on ABC's Good Morning America. Mr. Buffet describes, "Our first stimulus bill... was sort of like taking half a tablet of Viagra and having also a bunch of candy mixed in..." We agree with the "Oracle of Omaha" who predicts a recovery led by growth in small to medium size businesses. A second stimulus package should be directed to fund small businesses in innovative areas such as: technology, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and green products.

At our team investigates many such companies who are in need of assistance to realize their dream. In doing so, they create real jobs for Americans. The biggest impact we can make as individuals to help in economic recovery is to support small and micro cap companies. These companies have always suffered from a lack of attention and limited credit and financing options to expand their proven businesses. Virtually every major American invention and corporate titan in history was developed by a person or group of people who started small and needed external investment.

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In today's economy, micro and small cap companies (a.k.a. "penny stocks"), should be a part of every principled investor's portfolio; diversification is what investing is all about. At we provide investors with insights into up-and-coming companies before they hit the "main stream publicity" level. Afford us the opportunity to make you a believer. Thousands of subscribers continue to give us their confidence and sign up. We will be announcing our next big pick in the coming week, so please visit our website at and opt in to our newsletter.

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