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September 25, 2007 11:00 ET

FreedomVOICE Systems Launches FreedomIQ Hosted PBX Service

ENCINITAS, CA--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - FreedomVOICE Systems, a leading provider of a wide array of integrated virtual office tools, today announces launch of its hosted PBX service, called FreedomIQ, targeted to companies needing phone solutions that can grow as they do. The announcement was made at the 2007 Channel Partners trade conference in New Jersey.

"As this new development in business communications develops, we feel there are three areas where hosted PBX and iPBX services need to provide value," said Eric Thomas, CEO and founder of the 11 year-old company. "They have to be easy to use. They have to be flexible. And they have to be affordable both now and into the future. FreedomIQ offers a tangible benefit over other providers because it is based on our own, proprietary technology. We knew what it needed to be and that's how we built it."

According to Thomas, the user-interface has been specifically designed for simplicity. Customers can add new features and phone stations instantly through FreedomIQ's WebLINK Internet Control Panel. Such activities as changing phone numbers and logging in/out of a call rotation are easily handled by the user and no longer require the time and expertise of a system administrator, often mandatory with on-site hardwired and low-end hosted systems.

Thomas also pointed out company research that indicates growing companies often bear the unpleasant consequences of rigid PBX technology in that they need to replace the system every two to three years because it lacks the flexibility to expand as the company prospers.

"Other businesses buy a system much, much larger than they need, hoping to grow into it," said Thomas. "That's a waste of resources. FreedomIQ is offered on the basis of number of users, not the size of the system. Users pay only for what they need and can easily scale up or down as the need arises with no future penalty."

Thomas also stressed the need for customizable technology. Because FreedomVOICE developed its own technology from scratch, the company is frequently asked to customize the functionality for a particular business need, whether to capture credit card digits from telephone keypad touches, provide recorded information based on the caller's area code, or myriad other complex applications.

"FreedomIQ provides all the features of the most high-end PBX systems without the high price tag. It also offers such extras as 24/7 on-demand teleconferencing, call record and voice-to-text conversion," said Thomas. "The point here is that we can add a very wide assortment of valuable features instantly."

FreedomIQ customers will enjoy another benefit: the service incorporates redundant componentry with automatic fail-over. According to company engineers, no single component can bring the system down. And even should an entire system fail, calls are seamlessly routed to another, providing an extremely high level of reliability.

"This is one example of what I mean by 'affordable,'" said Thomas. "While this level of failsafe redundancy is normally prohibitively expensive for all but the largest companies, sharing the cost with a lot of users makes it affordable. Offering phones that are pre-set and equipped with their own internal maintenance and update systems is another. No technician visits are necessary. No time wasted waiting for phones to be configured. All of that adds up to affordability."

Thomas also pointed out that resellers stand to make a higher profit by offering FreedomIQ. FreedomVOICE supplies the primary tech support, saving time for the resellers. That plus the cost savings derived from developing proprietary technology equals a very lucrative commission structure, he said.

"We think FreedomIQ is the intelligent phone solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers tremendous value to the end user and a very attractive income potential for resellers."

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