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February 21, 2007 09:05 ET

Friendly Reminders for Spring Break

MATTE RELEASE--(Collegiate Presswire - February 21, 2007) - Spring Break is the time college students like to let loose from the pressures of academia and have fun. Unfortunately, some students often go a little too far:

* 97% of college students drink during Spring Break (1)

* Nearly three out of five women had unprotected sex during Spring Break (2)

* More than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year, with 90% of all skin cancers caused by sun exposure

With statistics like these, it's important to be prepared for those Spring Break overindulgences. Here are some items to have on hand for a safe vacation:

* Sunscreen - will help protect your skin from sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer. Pick a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

* Travel-size first aid kit - never know if you might need a band aid, gauze or first aid ointment, should also include aspirin/ibuprofen

* Condoms - the only contraceptive that protects against the spread of STDs and HIV - always practice safe sex

* Plan B® Emergency Contraception - now available over-the-counter if 18 years or older, it is back-up birth control that can prevent pregnancy up to 89% if taken within 3 days after unprotected sex or a contraceptive failure

1) American Medical Association poll, March 8, 2006

2) Ibid

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