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December 08, 2009 08:00 ET

FutureDash™ Introduces Home Energy Monitoring Software

GreenDash™ Allows Homeowners to Use Smart Meters and ZigBee® Smart Energy to Save on Their Electric Bills; Hardware OEMs Can Add Energy Monitoring Capabilities to Their Products

LAGUNA BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - FutureDash Corp., an innovative start-up business-to-business (B2B) software company, today announced the launch of GreenDash™, a new software product that allows manufacturers of consumer networking and electronics equipment to quickly and easily add energy monitoring capabilities to their products, helping homeowners reduce their electricity bills.

"Increased energy awareness leads to increased energy conservation, and our GreenDash software enables existing devices to be turned into a home energy monitoring system so everyone wins -- both the consumers and the utility companies," said Allan Hundhausen, FutureDash founder and president. "Multiple independent studies have proven that in-home access to the right tools enhances energy awareness and leads to direct financial savings that can typically range from at least 5 percent to greater than 15 percent per home."

With GreenDash, users are presented with an instant view of home energy consumption, which allows them to cut their energy usage, thereby reducing their electricity bills and lowering their carbon footprint. This information is available in real time -- at home, away or abroad -- on an easily understood, dashboard-style graphical user interface (GUI).

By giving users a virtual in-home display (IHD), GreenDash homeowners tap into the Smart Grid to monitor and manage their current electricity consumption in real-time and view their historical usage. This can be done on a web browser or other compatible client hardware such as a smartphone, PDA, notebook, connected TV or set-top box -- without the need to purchase a new dedicated display device. These personal energy dashboards are simple for the homeowner to use, and highly customizable for each OEM and target client device.

The GreenDash server acts as an energy monitoring hub, collecting data in real-time from the smart meter and other compatible smart energy devices around the Home Area Network (HAN), then relaying it in real-time to dashboard clients via the user's home network or the Internet.

Hardware OEMs and manufacturers of consumer electronics, networking and broadband residential gateway devices can bundle GreenDash server software to quickly add energy monitoring capabilities to their current or planned product lines, without the overhead of in-house software development. Compatible server devices include routers, gateways, network attached storage (NAS), media servers, IPTVs and set-top boxes. Such hardware, once enabled with the GreenDash server, will then allow a broadband services provider or utility company in turn to offer energy monitoring products and services to their customers.

The GreenDash cloud computing-based infrastructure aggregates and stores data, allowing the homeowner to also monitor energy usage trends over time and view a complete historical account of their energy consumption.

"Our technology leverages existing devices by deploying GreenDash on communications, computing and entertainment hardware that is already being used in the home," said Kevin Strong, CEO. "GreenDash has a flexible architecture that is independent of the communications technology and protocols used for smart energy devices on the HAN, and currently supports ZigBee® Smart Energy standard compliant devices, with simple software upgradeability to future enhancements, such as those currently in definition by the ZigBee Alliance and HomePlug® Powerline Alliance, when available. This ensures that GreenDash users will benefit from the very latest technology, allowing them to monitor a wide range of smart meters, electrical devices and other appliances to reduce their energy costs."

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About FutureDash

Incorporated in March 2008, FutureDash is an innovative start-up business-to-business (B2B) software company based in Orange County, Calif. The company focuses on the design, development and delivery of real time, personalized dashboard software solutions for the home and small business. The company's first product, GreenDash, is targeted toward the home energy-monitoring marketplace.

FutureDash welcomes interest from potential channel partners, including utility companies, ISPs, OEMs, hardware manufacturers, telecom and broadband service providers, manufacturers of consumer electronics, networking and residential gateway devices and retailers looking to add white label home energy monitoring capability to their products or who want to offer home energy monitoring as a value-added-service (VAS).

FutureDash is a member of the ZigBee® Alliance.

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