June 15, 2010 12:30 ET

GDT TEK, INC. Signs License Agreement for Exclusive Patented Technology to Produce Electricity Through Renewable Heat Sources

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) -  GDT TEK (PINKSHEETS: GDTK) today announced the signing of the Exclusive Licensing Agreement (except for South Korea), outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding to acquire the patented technology. The technology generates electricity utilizing a low temperature heat [A/K/A Waste heat] source to power the electrical generators connected to the Electrical Grid.

This Exclusive License provides GDT TEK with Exclusive World Wide Rights (with the exception of South Korea) to utilize patented technology that uses Waste Heat for Electric Power Generation.

Al Reda commented, "This signed License Agreement gives GDT TEK a strong entry position into the Green Energy Sector. This waste heat to electricity technology has been developed over the past ten years and is fully functional. GDT TEK has the means necessary to market and deploy multiple units generating revenue using this green technology, sending renewable electricity to the grid."

Mr. Reda further commented, "The technology took years to develop because of engineering and fluid mechanics principles dealing with refrigerants that expand into gas at very low temperatures. A simple way to understand our technology is that it works as an air conditioner in reverse. Instead of electricity used to remove the heat from air, the waste heat in our system is used to convert a refrigerant into an expanding gas that creates pressure to turn the turbine that generates electricity. Maintenance can actually be performed by an HVAC service group. The unit is completely sealed like a common refrigerator, and the maintenance needs are similar to your household fridge."

GDT TEK, INC., traded on the (PINKSHEETS: GDTK) mission is to use Green Technology (clean technology) to conserve the natural environment and resources in order to curb the negative impacts of humans on the environment. GDT TEK will do this with the patented "Waste Heat to Electric Power Generation Technology" to produce Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy is energy that is created by improving efficiencies on current fossil fuels processes or from non-fossil fuel based sources like bio-mass, sun, wind, water etc, as a means of producing energy.

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