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June 18, 2010 13:38 ET

GOTO Metrics Announces First Turn-Key Hadoop Based Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise

Data Analytics Platform Expected to Further the Early Adoption Rate of the NoSQL Movement

HALF MOON BAY, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) - GOTO Metrics announced the first fully integrated Hadoop based Database and Business Intelligence platform for the enterprise. GOTO Metrics Data Analytics Platform (or DAP) ties together commodity machines to enable real time, large-scale data analytics and aggregation of thousands of terabytes of data from a multitude of sources. With the rapid growth of data being stored across the enterprise, companies are finding it harder to organize, manipulate and search large amounts of data for their business practices including market analysis, record keeping, e-discovery, analysis of application or network security vulnerabilities, compliance and regulatory reporting, customer retention, or other general large scale trend analysis. 

"Data is out of control at this point, companies need a data solution not just a database," says GOTO Metrics Chief Scientist Michael Dalton, PhD. "GOTO Metrics succeeds in this by incorporating all aspects of a good data solution including data redundancy, backups, business intelligence, and disaster recovery all in one simple to use package that can be deployed in a matter of hours. It's a perfect solution for medical, government, banking, telecommunications, and other verticals that require large-scale data analytics."

Large-scale data analytics are performed through an easy to use intuitive user interface and a simple procedural query language. Thus allowing any user the ability to write virtually any query against the data stored in the GOTO Metrics Platform. The current version can search through other database platforms (DB2, MYSQL, MSSQL, POSTGreSQL, and Oracle), Ethernet packet traces, comma-delimited files, and web and Internet data as well. Future versions of the Platform will be able to search for specific text within Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel Documents on user machines residing within a company.

"The concept of the relational database has not changed in the past forty years. Unfortunately, the way we generate and use data in the 21st century has changed dramatically," says GOTO Metrics COO and Co-Founder Jeffrey Krone. "We see the GOTO Metrics Platform as being the next step in the evolution of managing data."

About GOTO Metrics
Founded in 2009, by a collection of industry veterans from the business, security, and web development community who envisioned creating a platform that would enable their customers to aggregate massive amounts of data from disparate sources, perform complex analytics on the data in a parallel fashion, and be able to visualize the data in a way that was intuitive to its customers while being able to scale to 1000's of commodity servers in a cluster. The GOTO Metrics Platform not only supports processing massive amounts of data as outlined above but has the ability to handle relatively small datasets (1+ Terabyte) as well through the use of its own file system that sits on top of Hadoop. The GOTO Metrics Platform integrates Hadoop, HBase, a procedural query language, and a proprietary file system, which allows it to be applicable to almost any vertical including Healthcare, Financial, Security, and Government. For more information, please visit

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