SOURCE: Gamma Enterprise Technologies

August 30, 2006 08:01 ET

Gamma Expands SAP Preservation Solution Offerings With the Launch of LiveChronicle

New Software Helps to Eliminate SAP Customer Archiving Obstacles by Providing Enriched Access to Archived Data

WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 30, 2006 -- Gamma Enterprise Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software solutions for managing and extracting value from SAP® application data, today announced the expansion of its SAP preservation solutions with the introduction of LiveChronicle. LiveChronicle was developed by Gamma to meet the needs of SAP customers with large production environments who are currently archiving or would like to archive, without experiencing the typical access limitations to their archived SAP data.

One of the primary obstacles for archiving in a SAP environment is that end-users lack easy access and a comprehensive view into their archived data. LiveChronicle helps to solve this problem by automatically reloading both the archived data, and related transactional and master data into a separate SAP "Chronicle" system. The archived data is then easily accessible for viewing and reporting using the standard SAP graphical user interface (GUI).

Furthermore, because LiveChronicle can also transfer the necessary related transactional data, users are provided with a complete view of the archived data in its original context and across business processes, such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. Thus LiveChronicle not only enables organizations to overcome the difficulty in accessing previously archived data, but also provides employees with a complete view of all their SAP data, just as they have in the live production environment.

"As a large majority of SAP customers now have fast-growing production systems that are well over 500GB, and are dealing with increasing volumes of data, it is critical that these enterprises employ an aggressive archiving strategy to ensure optimal application performance," said Alan Davies, vice president, Engineering at Gamma. "Building on our successful suite of SAP data provisioning and preservation products, LiveChronicle was designed to remove the barriers for companies who need to archive, and enhance access for those companies who already are."

By removing these barriers to archiving, LiveChronicle enables companies to realize the tangible and significant business benefits of an aggressive SAP archiving strategy including improved system performance, and reduced time for data backup, restore, and disaster recovery.

LiveChronicle is part of Gamma's comprehensive suite of products that fulfills the data provisioning and preservation needs of SAP users. Gamma's family of products also includes InfoShuttle, InfoTrim, InfoStart and ArchiveBridge. LiveChronicle is available immediately.

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Gamma Enterprise Technologies is a leading provider of specialized software solutions, which help businesses using SAP to unlock the business value in their data, by enabling effective data provisioning and preservation strategies.

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