April 13, 2010 09:00 ET

Gear6 Memcached Now Scales Both SQL and NoSQL Applications

Best of Both Worlds: Gear6 Enhances Memcached to Include Native Query Support and Redis Integration

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  MYSQL CONFERENCE -- Gear6, the leading provider of enhanced Memcached solutions, today simplifies the decision for companies choosing between MySQL and NoSQL: a fully persistent Memcached distribution that provides native querying and enterprise-class operations via integration with Redis.

Now companies have the best of both worlds because with Gear6 they can:

  • Accelerate structured/MySQL data sets in Gear6 Memcached AND have the ability to query and filter objects at memory speeds; and
  • Deploy NoSQL architectures for operating on unstructured data sets (strings, lists and sets) in memory AND have data persistence without the use a full-blown relational database management system (RBDMS).

"In today's era of Big Data, companies need to have acceleration, persistence and operations capabilities," said Joaquin Ruiz, Executive Vice President of Products at Gear6. "Now in a single offering -- Gear6 Web Cache -- they have all three, and it supports more complex data structures with MySQL and NoSQL applications. With these new capabilities, Gear6 continues to push the envelope in advancing today's scale-out web architectures."

Key value (KV) store technology has evolved beyond the store/retrieval-level to the ops-level. Web 2.0 architectures not only require memory on-boarding/caching to reduce latency and persistence to save unstructured data sets but also need in-memory data manipulation in order to provide meaningful access to the growing amount of unstructured/non-relational data sets, which according to IDC, is growing three times faster than relational or structured data.

Over the last year, Gear6 has gained dozens of Web 2.0 customer by enhancing Memcached KV store technology with replication, persistence, elastic sizing, flash memory support and advanced cache management. With today's release, Gear6 extends the KV capability of Gear6 products to include native regex queries for Memcached and will soon include advanced data operations via Redis integration. Sponsored by VMware, Redis is one the most prominent open source KV stores to have emerged in the last year. It's been proven in the field in deployments such as Craigslist and The Guardian.

 Gear6 Memcached supports the following key features:

  • Advanced Memcached Query: In addition to the standard key queries, Gear6 Memcached can now execute parallel queries on regex matches against keys and values.
  • Redis Integration and Support: A leading data structure server, Redis is used in conjunction with Memcached to build, develop and deploy Dynamic Data Services.
  • Dynamic Services: Introduced in February, this feature is perfect for the dynamic nature of cloud computing services. It enables users to elastically grow and shrink an active Memcached pool without losing data.
  • Persistence: Also introduced in February, persistence is now built into Gear6 Memcached, providing the ability to snapshot, import and export cache data. This feature is useful for cache warm-up and recovery and for analytics.

Gear6's Memcached distribution is available in several deployment options: as a software image; a pre-qualified HP solution; or a cloud service. Today, Gear6 expanded deployment options with DEB and RPM packages of Gear6 Memcached for shared server infrastructure. For more information, go to

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