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August 12, 2005 04:03 ET

Genscape Daily Gas Burn Report Again Helps Pin Accurate Gas Prediction

LOUISVILLE, KY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 12, 2005 -- For the third week in a row, users of the Genscape Gas Burn Report were able to predict more accurately the change in the amount of natural gas added to storage as reported by the Energy Information Administration.

Market expectations were for a gas injection, or increase of storage, of about 49 billion cubic feet. The EIA reported an actual injection of 43 BCF. The EIA weekly report is one of the most important information releases for the natural gas market, and the discrepancy between expectation and actual injection has helped support current high gas prices.

The Genscape Gas Burn Report is a daily measurement of the total amount of natural gas consumed regionally and nationally for electric power generation. Genscape data has been showing actual power plant gas consumption figures well above estimates based on traditional market indicators. Higher consumption of gas for power generation leads to lower storage injections as less gas is left over to be added to storage for use in the winter months.

"Our clients are telling us that our data significantly improved their predictions of this weeks' EIA storage number," said Mike McAuliffe, Vice President of Sales at Genscape. "The value of Genscape data is its ability to provide specific information about measured gas consumption. Just knowing total generation is not enough to understand gas dynamics in this market."

Last week, the discrepancy between market expectations and EIA reported storage injections was even more pronounced. Users of the Genscape Gas Burn Report were able to predict more accurately the storage number and avoid the expensive surprise of a lower-than-expected injection.

The Genscape Daily Gas Burn Report was first released to the general market in early July. The gas burn estimate is based on real-time, direct measurements of power generation and power flows across the United States and Canada. Genscape monitors electricity flows at more than 1,200 points across the United States.


Genscape's information gathering and distribution system consists of technology to monitor the real-time power output of power plants and load on high-voltage transmission lines. Information reported to customers includes highly accurate estimates of the real-time power output for generating facilities, power flows over strategic transmission paths, and associated information.

Genscape Inc. is the only company to have commercialized the provision of real-time power supply information to support decision-making for energy traders, power plant and line owners and operators, regulators, and other energy market participants. Genscape maintains operations in the United States and Europe, and is one of the fastest-growing providers of information to world energy markets.

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