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November 28, 2007 13:14 ET

Gifts That Can Save Lives: New Products Reinforce the Importance of Emergency Preparation

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - November 28, 2007) - Serious medical emergencies can happen any place, at any time, to anyone. But a series of gifts available this holiday season are designed to help prepare the ones you love. LYFETYMER®, CPR Teddy™, and First Voice™ software and first aid kit will help ensure every family is properly equipped and trained to handle the unexpected.

These three products make a great gift for that person on your holiday shopping list who wants to be ready for anything. From cuts and scrapes, to American Heart Association-approved CPR techniques, these products help save lives. Designed to fit in a first aid kit, or blend in with comfortable home décor, LYFETYMER, CPR Teddy and First Voice will be there when you need them, at home or on the road.


LYFETYMER ACM (Audible Compression Metronome) provides both an audible voice count and visual cues that instruct a user on the correct timing of each chest compression and rescue breath. The patent pending device incorporates a flashlight to check for objects lodged in the throat, and comes with a belt loop/clip pouch that also holds a filtered face shield and a pair of gloves -- everything you would need to safely and effectively perform CPR. LYFETYMER is used by educators, trainers, first responders, fire departments and police academies, as well as many safety conscious Americans who have taken CPR courses. LYFETYMER provides an effective and inexpensive way to maintain proper CPR skills, which diminish over time if not practiced regularly. LYFETYMER is available online at for $24.95.

CPR Teddy

The CPR Teddy is a novel approach to answering the question every parent asks at one time or another, "What will I do if my child chokes or stops breathing?" A cute teddy bear on a mission to save lives, CPR Teddy is a tool for parents, grandparents, and babysitters to practice and learn infant and child choking rescue and CPR skills at home. Voice prompts in the bear tell you what to do. Lights in the bear's bowtie tell you if you're pushing the chest too hard, too soft, or just right. He even comes with a Training DVD that includes instruction on First Aid and preventing injuries. The inventors of CPR Teddy, an emergency room physician and his daughter, recognized that few people remember how to perform CPR shortly after taking a class. CPR Teddy is a non-threatening and easy-to-use practice aid that is a welcome sight in any home. CPR Teddy is available online at for $79.95 plus shipping.

First Voice Software and First Aid Kit

First Voice puts exact treatment protocols for over 30 types of medical emergencies at your fingertips with audio and visual instructions for accurate treatment. Conceived by a trauma nurse and used in hundreds of industries as a stand-alone, rugged hardware unit, the revolutionary First Voice software is now available to help individuals and families on the go. Called ResQR, the software will work on PCs, GPS hardware units, Smart Phones and Pocket PCs. Unlike other first aid reference software on the market, ResQR is an easily accessible talking first aid software application -- giving verbal as well as visual instructions and providing assistance with emergency triage. The First Voice ResQR software costs $49.99, and is available at

First Voice software, installed on vehicle or personal GPS systems, Pocket PCs or Smart phones, is designed to interact with color-coded and organized first aid kits. Think-Safe's Basic and Deluxe Response First Aid Kits were designed for everyone, but are especially beneficial to on-the-go families or individuals involved in team sports, camping, swimming, or any other active activities. The kit helps treat injuries and medical emergencies such as amputations, sprains, fractures, eye injuries, bleeding, heat stress, diabetic shock, severe allergic reactions and much more. Similar to what professionals use, the prepackaged supplies contain more than standard first aid kits, and allow any responder to treat a multitude of injuries. The supplies are held in a durable bag that includes a color-coded handbook which details over 30 major emergencies proper treatment for each, including step-by-step CPR instructions and illustrations. Think-Safe's Basic and Deluxe first aid kits are priced at $179.00and $229.00 respectively. Both are available online at

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