August 05, 2008 08:35 ET

Giving Press Releases More Press

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 5, 2008) -, a new website that lists and honors breakthrough technology and innovative thinking from business to cooking, and safety technology to biotechnology, welcomes its newest breakthrough technology: Marketwire's search engine optimization (SEO) for press releases.

"Targeting press releases in the past was more art than science," said Sam Spear,'s CEO. "But with Marketwire's SEO technology (, they've added science to their talents. For 26 years, Marketwire, a North America-based global newswire, has helped companies and individuals channel the telling of their stories, but with this sort of tactical innovation under their belts, the people who want and need to know about a story are finding out about it in the online places they instinctively go. Now news issuers can take advantage of SEO without having to know anything about HTML coding. It's about getting the right message to the right audience at the right time, and with this technology, Marketwire has not only cracked the code on something that has traditionally been elusive, they're seizing upon a market and audiences in these increasingly populated online spaces in a unique and compelling way."

"With the Internet referenced as today's primary source of information, we are pleased to offer our clients the power of SEO for press releases, and we are delighted that it's one of jumpintotomorrow's newest featured innovations," said Paolina Milana, Marketwire vice president of marketing. "Given their breadth of featured breakthroughs, it's a real honor to be included with all these other types of incredible work."

In addition to aggregating breakthroughs in an array of categories, the site also hands out an award for the Technology of the Day™. "Our visitors come for the Technology of the Day, but they stay to check out the multitude of amazing other breakthroughs with which the site is populated," Spear added.

Visitors can also group items on the site to exclusively see just those items they want to buy or just those companies they may want to invest in, or the innovative causes they would like to learn more about, among other things. "We want to be the gathering place where breakthroughs live," said Spear, "and though we aim to make what's on the site objective rather than subjective, some may feel we didn't get it right. Which is why every technology is eligible to be voted on -- visitors can endorse what they think deserves more attention by clicking on the voting banner at the top of every technology page. The one receiving the most votes each week wins our Technology of the Week™ award.

"Our mission is simple: to bring a larger audience to great ideas and technologies that are making a difference in the world. Sometimes that difference comes in the form of a product, other times it takes the shape of a service, and still other times it's just a wickedly great idea. Marketwire's SEO for press releases is a perfect example of that, raising the bar for those in the world of business communications. Taking it one step further, beyond all this amazing work there is something bigger to these ideas than all of us. We not only marvel at that every single day, we find it unstoppably inspiring. Every single day."

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