SOURCE: Dory Maust

September 28, 2007 13:15 ET

"Glass Windows: Shattering the Barriers of Anorexia," a New Book by Dory Maust

SOMERSET, PA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2007) - "Glass Windows" promises to deliver a strong impact on sufferers and their family and friends as it unravels the mysteries and truths behind an illness that affects millions of men, women and children world wide. Its unique approach to education is empowered by a moving tale based on facts and written by a former model and author Dory Maust, who is in recovery after 29 years of suffering. Presenting facts on the causes, treatment and recovery in a fictional plot revolving around characters with mass appeal, this book is sure to grip readers to its end and open eyes on a fatal disease which is so often kept a secret. Readers travel a road of intrigue and suspense with "A" list fashion models, musicians and businessmen which shows that wealth and fame have little to do with healing wounds and building relationships, but that love, compassion and friendship can build a fortress.

One Reader's Review: "Oh my gosh! I have turned the last page of 'Glass Windows' and I lost myself in the pages of the most moving book I have ever read. Anorexia has been both a friend and foe for the past 16 years. You told a beautiful story in a beautiful way and you can tell that it was written by someone with a true understanding of the disease. I loved your style of writing and it was so easy to become completely absorbed in it. I loved every one of the characters and just hope and pray that my ordered copy of 'Blood Cells' arrives soon so I can see what happens next. Great!!!" - Laura Jones, United Kingdom

"Glass Windows" is a must-read for parents, teenagers, teachers and more. The fad diets consuming societies and Hollywood messages are dangerous weapons for the increasing rate of people dying to be perfect in a competitive world.

"Glass Windows: Shattering the Barriers of Anorexia," ISBN: 9781432706579 can be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in Book Stores world wide.

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