SOURCE: Global Technologies Ltd

April 23, 2010 08:30 ET

Global Technologies Ltd. Issues Interim Investor Guidance

LONDON--(Marketwire - April 23, 2010) -  Global Technologies Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: GTLL) today issued preliminary investor guidance on its market capitalization, projections, and financial reporting procedures.

Financial Reporting and Regular Disclosures

The Company believes transparency essential to an orderly and healthy market in its stock. The Company is completing the activation of the OTC Disclosure Service. Once activation is complete, full disclosure will be immediately provided to the marketplace. 

SEC "Fully reporting" and regular SEC filings

The Company does not intend to become a "SEC fully reporting" company and subject itself to the burden of SEC filings. The Company believes the massive time and cost burdens of maintaining SEC filings are a material threat to the company's operations and profitability. The company will maintain public disclosures that meet or exceed SEC 'reporting' criteria. 

Revenue Projections and Industry/Sector Analysis

The Company receives many inquiries regarding the its technology, sales projections, and market strategy. The Company intends to disclose and make public several important components of its business plan combined with techonolgy overviews and project updates. These disclosures will contain various analyses of specific sectors of the industries we target. Contained within the market surveys and analyses will be revenue projections. Upon release of the disclosures and posting on the Company's web site, they will be filed with the OTC Disclosure Service to insure all investors access to current information.

Recent Stock Price and Market Valuation

Many stockholders have queried the Company's recent low stock price and light trading volumes. The Company has only recently revised and expanded its business plan after a lengthy overhaul of operations. The Company's current share price may not be an accurate reflection of the company's actual value. The Company believes a diverse shareholder base insures stock ownership is evenly and reasonably distributed in the market and therefore creates a more accurate reflection of a company's value. The Company works to expand the presence of the company within the financial community. The Company believes its market capitalization will steadily, and perhaps dramatically, improve with each passing week as awareness expands. The Company believes results speak for themselves. As more learn of the company's technology, vision, and its performance, the Company anticipates a growing audience of investors discovering the value of GTLL. 

Investors can anticipate updates on the following:

  • Elimination of prior corporate debt and addition of new technology assets.
  • Appointment of industry professionals to the Company's Advisory and Business Development Boards.
  • New additions to the Company's Intellectual Property assets
  • New technology and Joint Development agreements and status reports on current projects
  • Full business plan information and regular technology briefings on the company's technology development, licensing and distribution
  • Full disclosure documents and financials posted with the OTC Disclosure Service

About Global Technologies Ltd.

GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES (GTL) is a technology portfolio company that acquires nascent technology and related innovations, inventions and IP assets to enhance their growth and development. The company builds revenues and asset value through a model of continuous growth, income from or sale of its portfolio holdings, and technology licensing or distribution agreements.

GTL invests primarily in innovative and promising clean/renewable energy or bio-tech technologies that have reached the stage in the critical Technology Development & Demonstration phase of the Innovative Cycle, which includes Prototype, Demonstration and Market Analysis. Visit us on the Web:


This press release contains statements (such as projections regarding future performance) that are forward-looking as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties. The company's website and prior SEC and Pink Sheets filings contain various disclosures and RISK FACTORS (incorporated herein by reference) and should be read before any investment decision.

Statements made in this news release may be forward-looking statements within the meaning of Federal Securities laws that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties and involve factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or suggested. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: (1) the availability of additional funds to enable us to successfully pursue our business plan; (2) the uncertainties related to the appeal and acceptance of our proprietary method of play and our planned on-line products; (3) the success or failure of our development of additional products and services; (4) our ability to maintain, attract and integrate management personnel; (5) our ability to secure suitable broadcast and sponsorship agreements; (6) our ability to effectively market and sell our services to current and new customers; (7) changes in the rules and regulations governing our business; (8) the intensity of competition; and (9) general economic conditions. Additional factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or suggested in any forward-looking statements are contained in the company's website and Pink Sheets filings contain disclosures and RISK FACTORS (incorporated herein by reference) and should be read before any investment decision. The Company assumes no obligation to update and supplement forward-looking statements because of subsequent events.

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