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WIND Mobile

August 10, 2009 16:38 ET

Globalive Wireless Harnesses the Power of Conversation With WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile will change the way Canadians experience wireless

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 10, 2009) -

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Today welcomes the first of many steps towards change in the Canadian wireless market. At a private employee event today, staff at Globalive Wireless were introduced to WIND, the company's much-anticipated new brand name.

"Today, we get one step closer to offering Canadians more choice, innovation and affordability when it comes to their wireless provider by bringing an already-recognized global wireless brand to Canada" said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive Holdings. "WIND is an established and growing brand with a successful history of over 10 years in two large European markets, and Canadians will benefit from the economies of scale of this relationship. By choosing the same brand name, we are able to not only leverage WIND's challenger status, but also its operational intelligence and experience."

WIND is currently being developed based on feedback from Wireless Soapbox, which has shown that Canadians are frustrated with their current carriers. WIND is harnessing this power of conversation by meaningfully engaging customers in the co-creation of a better mobile experience. This direct challenge to conventional mobile service models aligns the company to the challenger status of the WIND brand and recognizes and celebrates the power that customers have, representing the positive change in mobile.

"This is an exciting day for wireless in Canada and a historic moment for our company," said Ken Campbell, CEO of Globalive Wireless. "WIND is founded on the power of conversation and we believe that through a healthy dialogue with our customers, we can create a wireless service that will surpass our competitors' current offerings. It's time to raise the bar for wireless service in this country and make Canada's wireless services comparable to the likes of Europe and the United States."

WIND is already growing fast. Starting today, WIND is actively looking to immediately fill 300 positions in customer service and up to 2000 more positions within the next 12 months. More information about current employment opportunities and how to apply can be found at

Built on the values of Dialogue, Simplicity, Control and Value, WIND will set a new standard for customer service in the Canadian wireless market.

- Dialogue: WIND will constantly be talking to its customers. This communication will influence the choice of phones to offer, the plans and even the type of people hired to work at the company. By showing a willingness to talk to customers, WIND will be in touch with what they want and thus, be able to offer the products and services that they need and desire.

- Simplicity: WIND will make things easier for customers. Bills will be easy to understand. Customer service staff will be knowledgeable and able to explain things in a friendly, straightforward manner.

- Control: Through customer dialogue and simplified customer experience, customers will feel that they are in control of their wireless experience. It means customers have been listened to and know what to expect. Things like the flexibility and freedom of no contracts. Or the feeling that enjoying great service at WIND is simply that, great service - not hidden fees and charges waiting to come their way. Ultimately, control is proof that WIND respects the customer as an equal in the conversation towards building a better wireless offering.

- Value: WIND wants customers to feel valued and wants to ensure wireless is more attainable for Canadians. That's why customers won't be charged for things that don't cost the company money, like system access fees. It's the way things should be - a variety of services at no extra cost.

"Today, we get one step closer to being able to offer Canadians more choice when it comes to their wireless provider," said Lacavera. "I'm confident with the management team we've put in place at WIND under Ken Campbell's leadership we can help make a positive impact on the wireless industry in Canada. WIND's leadership team is comprised of Canadians with global telecommunications experience who are working around the clock to bring their expertise to our company and our customers. "

WIND has also launched the first stage of its online community,, which serves as an introduction to the brand and an online forum for discussion. The site houses the WIND Mobile Blog which is authored by employees and the Community, a forum where Canadians can share their ideas for a better wireless company and converse about wireless topics directly with WIND Mobile. will also link to WIND's Twitter feed and the WIND Facebook page. Both will offer updates on WIND service, news and announcements about the brand and offers Canadians the opportunity to continue the conversation on various social platforms. Canadians can join the conversation at

WIND is currently on target to launch in key markets in late 2009 and will continue to launch services across Canada in 2010. Service will operate on an all-IP HSPA network, which will pave the way to an LTE network in the future. Using this format will enable Canadian customers to have first-class wireless service and access to a broad choice of devices available to purchase exclusively from WIND.

About Globalive Wireless Management Corp. and WIND Mobile

Globalive Wireless Management Corp. is a subsidiary of Globalive Holdings. The company will provide voice, text and data services to Canadians under the brand name WIND on a next-generation wireless network and is committed to offering a level of wireless service presently not available in Canada. WIND is built on actual conversations that are happening with Canadians who are passionate about wireless and creating a better mobile offering nationally. For more information about WIND Mobile, please visit

About Globalive Holdings

Globalive Holdings is a leading provider of telecommunications solutions in Canada and internationally to the consumer, business and hospitality markets. The Globalive companies include: Globalive Wireless Management Corp., Yak Communications, One Connect, Canopco and Globalive Carrier Services. For more information:

About WIND

Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA (Wind) is a leading operator in the fixed line and mobile telephony sectors with sister operations in Italy and Greece. With 16.9 million mobile subscribers, Wind is the fastest growing mobile operator in Italy. Wind serves 5.2M mobile customers in Greece. In Canada WIND will leverage this global success and knowledge to the benefit of Canadian customers. Wind is controlled by Weather Investment SpA which is controlled by the Sawiris family.

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