Globalstar, Inc.

Globalstar, Inc.

December 05, 2007 11:00 ET

Globalstar Breaks Personal Safety Barriers With SPOT™-The World's First GPS-Enabled Satellite Messenger

Using a revolutionary combination of satellite and GPS technology, SPOT Satellite Messenger is the hottest new device for outdoor adventurers, travelers and workers in remote locations

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 5, 2007) - Globalstar Canada Satellite Co., today announced the introduction of the SPOT Satellite Messenger, the world's first global satellite tracker dedicated to consumers. SPOT is the first device of its kind to use a revolutionary combination of reliable satellite messaging and GPS location technology. Now available in Canada, the handheld device uses the GPS satellite system to determine a user's location and the SPOT network to transmit that location and the user's status independently of cellular coverage. SPOT is priced at $169.99CDN and a one year service subscription starts at $99.99USD.

"We are excited to be able to offer SPOT to Canadian consumers at a price virtually everyone can afford," said Steven Bell, Senior Vice President, International Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Operation, Globalstar, Inc. "Recent news reports have covered numerous incidents of people getting lost, stranded or worse in mountains and remote areas, and we've all asked ourselves what we would do when caught in similar life-threatening situations. While other GPS devices tell the user where they are, SPOT tells other people where the user is and their status. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and workers in remote locations, providing lifesaving and reliable communications capability."

Small, rugged and simple to use, the SPOT satellite messenger is a lifesaving device designed to improve personal safety for the millions of people who spend time in the outdoors - whether for recreation, work or daily life. With the push of a button, SPOT can transmit a user's GPS location co-ordinates and message to a 9-1-1 emergency call center in times of need, or to friends, family or co-workers to request help, track their location, or just keep in touch. Since SPOT sends a user's GPS satellite location over a commercial satellite network, SPOT works in much of the world regardless of cellular coverage. Viewing messages and locations is easy using the SPOT Web service with included Google Maps™ technology.

SPOT message and tracking functions enable users to send messages to friends, family or emergency responders, based on varying levels of need and to visually track the location of the SPOT satellite messenger:

- Alert 9-1-1 - signals an emergency response center to dispatch emergency responders to a location with GPS accuracy;

- Ask for Help - sends a request for help to co-workers, friends and family in non-emergency situations;

- Check In - lets contacts know where you are and that you are OK by Email or SMS Text Messaging, and keeps them informed of your location and status;

- Track Progress - sends and saves your location and allows your selected contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™ and, with password-protected security.

"As an avid outdoorsman, I saw the lifesaving value of the SPOT messenger for outdoor adventurers even before I used it myself," said Henry Waszczuk, host of two nationally-televised outdoor shows, 'Fins & Skins' and 'Fishing the Flats', and former CFL professional football player. "The way I see it, the SPOT messenger takes the search out of search and rescue. Whether you are hunting, camping, fishing, boating, or mountain climbing, SPOT provides peace of mind. Without question, SPOT is one of the most amazing new products for the avid outdoorsman."

SPOT is only 209 grams (slightly larger than a PDA or SmartPhone) and uses convenient and easy-to-replace AA size lithium batteries for complete portability. When powered on, it has a standby battery life of 12 months. The SPOT messenger also floats and its rugged waterproof construction is engineered to withstand a wide variety of extreme environmental shock and temperature conditions.

The SPOT Satellite Messenger is available through select dealers across Canada. To find a dealer near you visit Within the next couple of months, SPOT will also be available through major retail and electronics outlets in Canada.

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