The GoldSmart Network

The GoldSmart Network

July 07, 2009 10:23 ET

Gold Buying-Out of the Back Alley, onto Main Street

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 7, 2009) - After the pawnshops and gold parties and Internet-based services, the gold buying business has reached prime time. The GoldSmart Network ( now has a contract with Cash Money Cheque Cashing Inc. ( for over 100 retail locations across Canada offering gold buying service to the public by the end of July, 2009 and expects to have 500 Authorized Agents through major retailers and financial service companies across the country by the end of the year.

"The GoldSmart Network represents an evolution in gold buying, offering consumers reputable and convenient retail locations to sell their karat gold jewellery" says partner Keith Perrin. Gold buying was once the exclusive domain of pawnshops and individual-location buyers. Many consumers did not feel comfortable with those options, leading to the development of internet-based and home party based services. Now The GoldSmart Network takes gold buying to the next logical step, giving consumers the ultimate range in choice of where to convert old gold to money: Online-Direct, Home Party and now at 100+ Authorized Retail Agents who deal directly with the public. Consumers get an immediate receipt for their old gold and an evaluation direct from GoldSmart before they decide to sell.

The GoldSmart Network offers consumers several unique benefits not currently available in the gold buying market:

- Independent evaluations are all performed by trained experts of The GoldSmart Network in their offices in Toronto. A consumer can get an evaluation at any GoldSmart Network Authorized Retail Agent, at a GoldSmart Network event, or through their Direct Online service and the evaluations will be identical

- With over 100 Authorized Retail Agents across Canada, consumers can find an agent close to them. At a GoldSmart Network agent they deal with a real person, they receive an immediate signed receipt and they have the comfort of being able to obtain recourse or their jewellery back if they are not satisfied with the service, because the agent is an established business in the community

- The GoldSmart Network reports values directly to the consumer. If the consumer accepts the evaluation they can return to The GoldSmart Network Agent to collect their money. If the consumer declines the evaluation, or for any other reason they decide not to proceed, they can return to The GoldSmart Network Agent to recover their jewellery. There is never any negotiation or pressure. GoldSmart Network Agents are not permitted to offer less than the full evaluation, or to charge fees.

The GoldSmart Network is an independent Canadian gold evaluation company offering a range of choice to the consumer in where and how they sell gold.

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