GolfBallFinders Canada Inc.

GolfBallFinders Canada Inc.

May 23, 2006 14:46 ET

GolfBallFinders Canada Inc.: Optical Industry Loves Golf Ball-Finding Glasses for Father's Day

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - May 23, 2006) -

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Now that the 2006 golf season has started, Opticians and Optometrists alike have discovered that a Canadian invention, called Visiball Golf Ball Finder glasses are "cool", but the product is HOT!

These award-winning glasses were named "Best New Product" at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show in the U.S. and have been picked as "Top Golf Gift" for 2006.

The glasses were invented on the basis of four scientific principles of physics, including: perkinje shift, selective spectral attenuation, peripheral light elimination, and cognitive process funnelling.

Light is made up of wavelengths, of which the human eye can see light having wavelengths between 360 nanometres and about 760 nanometres.

The human eye perceives an objects colour by which wavelengths it does not absorb. Special tinting pigments in the lenses of Visiball Golf Ball Finders screen out certain wavelengths which results in a white golf ball glowing, almost like a black light...making it easier to find.

Not only do golfers save money on lost golf balls, but fewer penalty strokes lower their score. On top of that, using a pair of Golf Ball Finder glasses means that on average, they will finish their game about 12 minutes faster.

Dr.'s Dobblesteyn, Davis, Gray & Sangster at the Halifax Optometry Clinic in Halifax, N.S. says "Now that the golf season has arrived, word of this product will spread quickly amongst golfers and we expect to order a lot more of them.

"They are a terrific gift item and if Christmas was any indication, we anticipate sales to be brisk, especially for Father's Day."

Nancy Wilkes of Acton Optical in Ontario says "they sell well, so much so that with Father's Day coming, I have just re-ordered again".

Promotional product buyers are also scooping up the glasses because the carrying case they come with, can be custom logoed.

For more information about Visiball Golf Ball Finders, visit or call: 1-800-823-6133.

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