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December 01, 2009 03:15 ET

Google Is Missing 700,000 Hits, Says Windows Secrets

Pages Were Hidden in 'Deep Web' for Years

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2009) - The Internet search giant,, is missing more than 700,000 index results that have been hidden in plain sight for years, according to a popular technology publication.

The weekly periodical, known as the Windows Secrets Newsletter, says it will make the formerly unsearchable content available to Google for the first time this week. In fact, those who previously managed the information were deliberately concealing it from search engines, according to Brian Livingston, editorial director of

"We've added over 125,000 pages to our site, including more than 700,000 posts from a discussion board that's been known for 15 years as Woody's Lounge," Livingston said. "The former operators were limited to such a weak server that they blocked Google and every other search engine from indexing the massive knowledge base that the Lounge represents."

Web pages that are hidden from search engines are sometimes called the Deep Web. Academic researchers cited by estimate that the Deep Web contains 500 times as much information as the "Surface Web" that search engines can easily find.

The soon-to-be-unveiled knowledge base, now known as the Windows Secrets Lounge (beta), includes more than 700,000 posts in 34 separate forums, documenting a vast swath of high-tech subjects. Over 20,000 registered members have submitted comments over the years on everything from the latest Windows 7 patches to early Windows NT tricks, Livingston says.

"All of the Lounge's 125,000 threads have always been free and open to the public, but Google includes none of this content," Livingston explains. An example query that demonstrates this is:

Ironically, releasing tens of thousands of pages of the Deep Web to Google all at once can cause the search engine's software to automatically ban a site, mistaking the sudden growth as spam, Livingston says. As a result, will gradually reveal only about 5,000 pages per day, employing an industry-standard technique known as Robots.txt. After Dec. 2, the query shown above will result in a few thousand more search-engine hits each day.

Because thousands of new members registering simultaneously could overwhelm the Lounge's volunteer moderators, the 400,000 subscribers of the Windows Secrets Newsletter will be notified about the service in a steady trickle of mailings between Dec. 1 and 17, Livingston says. The discussion board has been so well hidden that most of the newsletter subscribers are not yet aware of the Lounge's existence.

Woody Leonhard, a Windows Secrets senior editor and the former head honcho of Woody's Lounge, said, "I'm lovin' the new Lounge," adding that Windows Secrets "will take the Lounge to new heights."

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