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January 15, 2008 09:00 ET

GotVoice Delivers Voice Messaging Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Now GotVoice Users Can Play Messages Using Custom-Selected Lip-Synching Avatars

KIRKLAND, WA--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - GotVoice, Inc., the voice messaging company, today announced the launch of GotVoice Talking Avatars, enriching its existing voice messaging services with the ability to play voicemails using selected lip-synching avatars.

GotVoice is the first service to offer avatars for playing voice messages. GotVoice Talking Avatars provide a selection of more than 50 avatar options -- including political figures, animals, villains and a variety of human characters -- and lets users assign them to individual contacts. Each time a voicemail is played from a user's GotVoice inbox, the talking avatar personalized for the sender will appear and read back the message.

GotVoice Talking Avatars -- Putting the Character Back Into Voicemail

Some of the most popular avatars include:

--  Is your boss, ex-boyfriend or frenemy pure evil? Assign them the devil
    avatar -- only this one doesn't wear Prada.
--  If you like the mudslinging at this year's presidential debates,
    Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush make ideal avatar candidates.
--  Travel back through time to watch Ben Franklin electrify your voice
    message -- you might be shocked by what he says!
--  Does your best friend like to dish dirt? Using a GotVoice avatar, you
    can watch her "rat" people out.
--  Horror films up your alley? The Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolfman
    avatars make messages send a chill up your spine.
--  Is your favorite aunt or uncle a slow talker? The snail avatar won't
    speed up the message, but can definitely make it more interesting.
--  Do your fraternity brothers remind you more of party animals than
    college students? Have the monkey, bear, shark, moose, pig and turkey speak
    their language.
--  Four score and seven minutes ago, your friend's message started. If
    it's as long as the Gettysburg Address, at least it should come from Abe
--  Do you think your boy toy is the cat's meow? Listen to him purr his
    heart out as the cat avatar.

GotVoice Talking Avatars -- Share your Avatar Voicemail

GotVoice users can upload recent voice messages as video files on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook or their own Blog using GotVoice's export functionality that enables users to download and share their voicemail avatar with the general public. Users can also share their avatar experience by e-mailing friends their GotVoice avatar -- making the most horrific drunk-dial and nastiest hate voicemail public.

"GotVoice Talking Avatars fit perfectly into the world of social media. GotVoice users can now make public their most personal, hilarious and downright rude voice messages by publishing their avatar digital video file to YouTube or by sending through email to friends and family," said Curt Blake, CEO of GotVoice. "Consumers are hungry for reality television and Internet -- GotVoice is now adding this level of entertainment and humor to voice messaging."

"We are happy to better enable personalized communications and self expression for GotVoice customers by combining our new Voki speaking avatar product with their voice messaging platform," said Adi Sidman, CEO of Oddcast. "No longer are people satisfied with traditional and mundane voice messaging services. Consumers want a certain level of entertainment and interaction and this partnership further strengthens GotVoice's position as a next-generation voice messaging service provider."

The service, including lip-syncing technology powered by the Voki speaking avatar platform, which was developed by Oddcast, Inc., the leader in speaking avatar technology. The application is available for free trial at GotVoice premium users have unlimited access to avatars.

About GotVoice, Inc.

Founded in 2003 by industry veterans with backgrounds from RealNetworks, Microsoft, Starwave, AT&T and Corbis, GotVoice is a pioneer in voice messaging services. Its patent-pending communications platform is a complete solution that bridges the gap between today's vast mix of personal, business and mobile voice messaging systems and the Internet. GotVoice's solutions empower consumers and business professionals to send, receive, create and store voice messages within their email application or the GotVoice Website. Unlike other services, GotVoice makes voice messages accessible anywhere people access email, and is the only solution that works with all major mobile, business and residential carriers. For more information, visit

About the Voki Platform and Oddcast

Voki is Oddcast's next generation speaking avatar platform for online communities, social networks, media properties and celebrity talent promotion. Voki allows users to create their own virtual identities and speak in their own voice for next-generation communication and user-to-user interaction. Voki speaking avatars can be placed on any user profile, such as social networks, blogs and websites, emailed to friends and sent to mobile phones as premium user-generated ringtones and wallpapers. The Voki platform also includes interactive forums, galleries and games for discussion and contests that allow users to comment, interact and discuss topics with their peers. Oddcast is the developer of Voki technology. Oddcast is the largest provider of avatars in the market, serving over 300 million characters a month, for over 10,000 customers and 300 of the world's largest advertising brands. For more information or to create a Voki speaking avatar log on to

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