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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

December 24, 2009 13:04 ET

Government of Canada Helps Manitoba Livestock Producers Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 24, 2009) - The Government of Canada announced today that more livestock producers affected by excessive moisture and flood in some parts of Manitoba and those affected by the drought in others will be eligible for a federal tax deferral.

"The Government of Canada continues to deliver real results for farmers and ranchers by offering tax deferrals to the producers whose operations are suffering due to extreme weather conditions in the province this year," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. "These tax deferrals are just another way in which we are working to make sure our livestock producers can remain competitive and profitable."

The deferral allows eligible producers in designated areas to defer income tax on the sale of breeding livestock for one year to help replenish breeding stock in the following year. In the case of consecutive years of designation, producers may defer sales income to the first year in which the area is no longer designated.

"Earlier this year the Government acted quickly to assist producers who are struggling due to excessive moisture and flood," said the Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of National Revenue and Minister of State (Agriculture). "The designation of these additional areas affected by flood and those affected by drought is a result of our continued monitoring of the impacts of the weather on our farmland as well as our hands-on approach to supporting Manitoba farmers and ranchers."

Producers who reduced their breeding herds by at least 15 per cent are eligible. Thirty per cent of income from net sales can be deferred if the herd has been reduced by at least 15 per cent, but less than 30 per cent. Where the herd has been reduced by 30 per cent or more, 90 per cent of income from net sales can be deferred.

"With the unusual weather conditions experienced by our producers in the past three years, the Government of Manitoba has worked diligently to ensure the areas of the province most affected by these conditions receive the assistance they need," said Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers. "This tax deferral will confirm our commitment to help the livestock producers in these challenging times as they readjust their cattle herd size to match the availability of feed supplies."

Eligible producers will be able to request this deferral when filing their 2009 income tax returns. Livestock producers are advised to contact their local Canada Revenue Agency Tax Services Office for details on the income tax provisions.

The Interlake Region of central Manitoba experienced excessive moisture from the fall of 2008 and received higher than normal precipitation throughout the spring. This has resulted in producers being unable to reseed their forages or cut available forage crops.

For more information on the extent of the drought or programs to assist farmers, see the AAFC Drought Watch site at

Newly Designated Manitoba Tax Deferral Areas


RM 100 Albert
RM 101 Archie
RM 103 Arthur
RM 106 Birtle
RM 109 Brenda
RM 111 Cameron
RM 114 Clanwilliam
RM 122 Edward
RM 123 Ellice
RM 136 Harrison
RM 137 Hillsburg
RM 148 Miniota
RM 149 Minitonas
RM 162 Pipestone
RM 171 Rossburn
RM 173 Russell
RM 181-108 Shellmouth-Boulton
RM 182 Shell River
RM 183 Shoal Lake
RM 184 Sifton
RM 186 Silver Creek
RM 191 Strathclair
RM 193 Swan River
RM 199 Wallace
RM 205 Winchester
RM 207 Woodworth
RM 607 Park (North)
RM 609 Park (South)
Division No. 20, Unorganized, South Part

Excessive Moisture and Flood

RM 110 Brokenhead
RM 115 Coldwell
RM 125 Eriksdale
RM 139 Lac-du-Bonnet
RM 143 Lawrence
RM 154 Mossey River
RM 168 Rockwood
RM 174 St. Andrews
RM 176 St. Clements
RM 178 St. Laurent
RM 185 Siglunes
RM 203 Whitemouth
RM 206 Woodlands
RM 600 Alexander
RM 601 Alonsa
RM 606 Grahamdale
RM 611 Reynolds
Division No. 18, Unorganized, East Part
Division No. 18, Unorganized, West Part
Division No. 19, Unorganized

Previously Designated Manitoba Tax Deferral Areas

Excessive Moisture and Flood

RM 105 Bifrost
RM 129 Gimli
RM 602 Armstrong
RM 605 Fisher

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