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March 18, 2010 12:00 ET

Government Must Ensure That Training and Skills Are Unaffected by the Budget

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 18, 2010) - For modern apprenticeships to continue supplying the UK with the skilled workforce it needs to recover from the recession, it's vital that they are left unaffected by the Budget as the Government continues to seek avenues to cut expenditure, according to Perspective, a leading authority on distributed learning and apprentice training

New figures published in February indicated that the UK emerged more strongly from recession at the end of last year than had previously been thought, however some economists have warned that growth could still easily falter again in the coming months. As such, the budget, which Prime Minister Gordon Brown has confirmed will be held on the 24th March, is widely expected to announce precautionary expenditure cuts across many sectors.

"Apprenticeships schemes offer individuals an opportunity to open career paths that previously weren't available and will equip them with the appropriate skills and knowledge to contribute to a business from the very first day" Says Paul Davis, Managing Director of Perspective.

"During the peak of the recession, research indicated that many companies were becoming more and more reluctant to recruit apprentices and were generally cutting back on workforce development. However, it is now these very same apprentices and their ability to offer instantaneous results which are now helping to pull the businesses successfully out the other side."

Students already taking part in apprenticeship schemes across the UK are providing the economy with a highly skilled workforce and, continued investment in the training of young people is vital to ensure that the UK is prepared for the post recession future. Any cut backs in this area could have long term effects and hamper the recovery of many companies.

Paul continued: "The Government has done an incredible job of raising the profile of apprenticeship schemes and, they have invested in heavily in them to do so. For them to now fall victim to expenditure cut backs would be a huge step backwards for learners, businesses and indeed, the economy."

Perspective is a leading provider of learner management solutions for those businesses who do employ apprenticeship schemes. Sunesis is a student monitoring software package that is specifically designed to facilitate the implementation of such schemes, allowing companies to effectively track the training and progress of the learners.

Perspective also has a software package dedicated to support the delivery of diplomas as part of the 14-19 agenda. Collaborative Learning Manager (CLM) has been designed in conjunction with sector professionals to link the partners involved in a diverse range of learning environments and to meet the requirements of the ever evolving UK education sector.

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