Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

December 24, 2009 13:17 ET

Government of Canada Helps Saskatchewan Livestock Producers Affected by Drought

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 24, 2009) - The Government of Canada announced today that more livestock producers affected by drought in Saskatchewan will be eligible for a federal tax deferral.

"The Government of Canada continues to deliver real results for farmers and ranchers by offering tax deferrals to the producers whose operations are suffering due to the hot, dry season," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. "These tax deferrals are just another way in which we are working to make sure our livestock producers can remain competitive and profitable."

The tax deferral allows eligible producers in designated areas to defer income tax on the sale of breeding livestock for one year to help replenish breeding stock in the following year. In the case of consecutive years of designation, producers may defer sales income to the first year in which the area is no longer designated.

"Earlier this year the Government acted quickly to assist producers who are struggling due to drought conditions," said the Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of National Revenue and Minister of State (Agriculture). "The designation of these additional areas is a result of our continued monitoring of the impacts of the weather on our farmland as well as our hands-on approach to supporting Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers."

Producers who reduced their breeding herds by at least 15 per cent are eligible. Thirty per cent of income from net sales can be deferred if the herd has been reduced by at least 15 per cent, but less than 30 per cent. Where the herd has been reduced by 30 per cent or more, 90 per cent of income from net sales can be deferred.

Eligible producers will be able to request this deferral when filing their 2009 income tax returns. Livestock producers are advised to contact their local Canada Revenue Agency Tax Services Office for details on the income tax provisions.

The west central region of Saskatchewan has experienced very dry conditions since last summer. Fall precipitation was not adequate to recharge soil moisture and combined with an extremely low snow accumulation this past winter, spring soil moisture conditions were poor. Well below normal temperatures and continued dry conditions throughout the spring have resulted in very poor pasture and forage development. Additional designations are a result of the continuous assessment of the drought situation throughout the fall.

For more information on the extent of the drought or programs to assist farmers, see the AAFC Drought Watch site at

Newly Designated Saskatchewan Tax Deferral Areas

RM 1 Argyle
RM 2 Mount Pleasant
RM 3 Enniskillen
RM 4 Coalfields
RM 5 Estevan
RM 19 Frontier
RM 31 Storthoaks
RM 32 Reciprocity
RM 33 Moose Creek
RM 34 Browning
RM 35 Benson
RM 61 Antler
RM 63 Moose Mountain
RM 64 Brock
RM 65 Tecumseh
RM 91 Maryfield
RM 92 Walpole
RM 93 Wawken
RM 94 Hazelwood
RM 121 Moosomin
RM 122 Martin
RM 123 Silverwood
RM 124 Kingsley
RM 271 Cote
RM 273 Sliding Hills
RM 274 Good Lake
RM 275 Insinger
RM 276 Foam Lake
RM 277 Emerald
RM 301 St. Philips
RM 303 Keys
RM 304 Buchanan
RM 305 Invermay
RM 314 Dundurn
RM 331 Livingston
RM 333 Clayton
RM 334 Preeceville
RM 335 Hazel Dell
RM 343 Blucher
RM 344 Corman Park
RM 151 Rocanville
RM 152 Spy Hill
RM 153 Willowdale
RM 154 Elcapo
RM 171 Fox Valley
RM 181 Langenburg
RM 183 Fertile Belt
RM 184 Grayson
RM 185 McLeod
RM 211 Churchbridge
RM 213 Saltcoats
RM 214 Cana
RM 215 Stanley
RM 241 Calder
RM 243 Wallace
RM 244 Orkney
RM 245 Garry
RM 372 Grant
RM 373 Aberdeen
RM 406 Mayfield
RM 437 North Battleford
RM 468 Meota
RM 498 Parkdale
RM 499 Mervin
RM 501 Frenchman Butte
RM 561 Loon Lake
RM 588 Meadow Lake
RM 622 Beaver River

Previously Designated Saskatchewan Tax Deferral Areas

RM 18 Lone Tree
RM 74 Wood River
RM 78 Grassy Creek
RM 104 Gravelbourg
RM 108 Bone Creek
RM 138 Webb
RM 164 Chaplin
RM 134 Shamrock
RM 17 Val Marie
RM 44 Waverley
RM 45 Mankota
RM 46 Glen McPherson
RM 75 Pinto Creek
RM 76 Auvergne
RM 77 Wise Creek
RM 105 Glen Bain
RM 106 Whiska Creek
RM 107 Lac Pelletier
RM 135 Lawtonia
RM 136 Coulee
RM 137 Swift Current
RM 165 Morse
RM 166 Excelsior
RM 167 Saskatchewan Landing
RM 168 Riverside
RM 169 Pittville
RM 194 Enfield
RM 224 Maple Bush
RM 225 Canaan
RM 226 Victory
RM 228 Lacadena
RM 229 Miry Creek
RM 230 Clinworth
RM 231 Happyland
RM 232 Deer Forks
RM 254 Loreburn
RM 255 Coteau
RM 256 King George
RM 257 Monet
RM 259 Snipe Lake
RM 260 Newcombe
RM 261 Chesterfield
RM 283 Rosedale
RM 284 Rudy
RM 285 Fertile Valley RM 286 Milden
RM 287 St. Andrew RM 288 Pleasant Valley
RM 290 Kindersley
RM 292 Milton
RM 315 Montrose
RM 316 Harris
RM 317 Marriott
RM 318 Mountain View
RM 319 Winslow
RM 320 Oakdale
RM 321 Prairiedale
RM 322 Antelope Park
RM 345 Vanscoy
RM 346 Perdue
RM 347 Biggar
RM 349 Grandview
RM 350 Mariposa
RM 351 Progress
RM 352 Heart's Hill
RM 376 Eagle Creek
RM 377 Glenside
RM 378 Rosemount
RM 379 Reford
RM 380 Tramping Lake
RM 381 Grass Lake
RM 382 Eye Hill
RM 409 Buffalo
RM 410 Round Valley
RM 411 Senlac
RM 438 Battle River
RM 439 Cut Knife
RM 440 Hillsdale
RM 442 Manitou Lake
RM 469 Turtle River
RM 470 Paynton
RM 471 Eldon
RM 472 Wilton
RM 502 Britannia

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