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Environment Canada

October 15, 2009 10:44 ET

Government of Canada Supports Community Environmental Projects in Calgary

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2009) - Lee Richardson, Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre on behalf of Canada's Environment Minister, the Honourable Jim Prentice, today announced the contribution of $149,950 through the EcoAction Community Funding program for three projects in Calgary.

The three projects receiving funding today are $25,000 to the Green Cyclers Program, $24,950 to the Bow Valley Climate Kids Project and $100,000 to the Healthy Homes Calgary Program.

"The EcoAction Community Funding program is a concrete example of how the Government of Canada is helping communities and their citizens enjoy cleaner air, water and land. We are supporting projects under this program because we believe on the ground activities like these can and will make a difference," said Mr. Richardson.

Natalie Odd, Executive Director of Clean Calgary said, "With significant funding from Environment Canada's EcoAction program, we will help almost 1000 Calgary households to 'green' their homes and lives. This has a critical, positive impact on the entire community as fewer precious resources are used, and homes are healthier."

Dr. Melanie Watt, Executive Director of the Biosphere of the Bow Valley said, "Local students, with the help of professional filmmakers, will write, direct and edit their own videos to demonstrate what climate change means to them. This program will focus on youth-to-youth learning of environmental issues with follow-up in the classrooms".

Jackie Mann, Wheel View Director said "We challenge young people to do something different. We teach them about the world we live in and the environmental challenges we face, we hope that with our involvement it will make a difference in their life and community".

"The Government encourages all Canadians to do their part to protect our environment. We support community groups taking on-the-ground action to preserve and enhance the quality of the natural environment", said Minister Prentice.

Each year, Environment Canada funds various groups which help to deliver real results for Canadians and our environment. Environment Canada's EcoAction Community Funding Program provides financial support to locally-based, not-for-profit organizations to undertake community-level projects that have positive, measurable results for the environment. The program assists these organizations in initiating projects that result in cleaner air, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner water, and the conservation of nature at the local community level.

More information about the EcoAction Community Funding Program is available on Environment Canada's website at the following address: www.ec.gc.ca/ecoaction.



Environment Canada's EcoAction Community Funding Program supports community-based projects that have measurable, positive impact on the environment. Funded projects engage Canadians in their communities to take action to protect our air, climate, water and natural areas.

The program provides funding to successful applicants for projects that protect, restore or enhance the natural environment, and/or build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. Funding support can be requested for projects that have an action focus, a community capacity-building focus, or a combination of both objectives. Hundreds of EcoAction projects are currently underway or have been completed across Canada over the years.

Applicants must ensure that at least 50 per cent of the total value of their project comes from sources other than the Government of Canada. This leveraging can take the form of either financial or in-kind resources such as volunteered labour, products, or services. Partner funding and other support broaden the scope of projects, improve on-the-ground results, and strengthen the public and private collaboration that is essential in delivering results.

Some of the funded activities include projects aimed at reducing individual greenhouse gas emissions by getting people to carpool or ride the bus; improving water quality by reducing the amount of pesticides or household hazardous substances entering streams and lakes; working to reduce air emissions that contribute to air pollution; and restoring and protecting natural habitat. These are a few of the ways that Canadians are improving the environment in their communities with the help of the EcoAction Community Funding Program.

The annual funding deadline is November 1. More information about the EcoAction Community Funding Program is available on Environment Canada's website at the following address: www.ec.gc.ca/ecoaction.



A total of $149,950 in federal contributions will be allocated to three projects in Calgary Round 30 of the federal EcoAction Community Funding Program. The projects include:

1. The Green Cyclers Program: Hands-on environmental education for Calgary school children will be encouraged through after school activities during the spring and fall terms. Activities include the "Earn-A-Bike" workshop program, in which school children repair recycled bicycles and earn credit through environmental activities. Local bicycle trips during the spring will reinforce workshop lessons and foster environmental awareness through themes of interconnectedness, biology, ecology, natural history, traditional knowledge, and conservation.
Federal contribution: $25,000 Total project value: $55,100

2. The Bow Valley Climate Kids Project will provide six teams of local youth with professionally- led workshops for writing, directing and editing their own climate change videos within the Bow Valley. Youth teams (including two teams of First Nations youth) will publicly showcase their completed videos to bring attention to climate change and its local impacts. The films will encourage community and individual commitment to action on climate change through pledges to reduce waste, improve water quality, reduce vehicle use and conserve energy.
Federal contribution: $24,950 Total project value: $50,950

3. The Healthy Homes Calgary program will provide 850 Calgary households with information and resources on how to improve the health and reduce the environmental impact of their homes. Clean Calgary Association staff and volunteers will visit with members of interested households to establish a baseline and create action plans to reach environmental and indoor health goals. Tools for reducing a household's environmental footprint will be provided, including low-flow shower heads, rain barrels, recycling systems, and composters. Activities resulting from this program will be recorded to show their combined environmental impact.
Federal contribution: $100,000 Total project value: $432,630

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