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Canadian Heritage

January 22, 2008 11:17 ET

Governments of Canada and Alberta Announce Funding for Official-Language Minority Communities in Alberta

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Jan. 22, 2008) - On behalf of the Honourable Josee Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, Rahim Jaffer, Member of Parliament (Edmonton-Strathcona) and the Honourable Hector Goudreau, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture today announced funding for two major initiatives involving official-language minority communities in Alberta. Funds will support the expansion of Edmonton's La Cite francophone and hosting of the 2008 Canadian Francophone Games.

The Governments of Canada and Alberta will each provide $4 million over two fiscal years (2007-2008 and 2008-2009) to Phase II of the expansion of La Cite francophone in Edmonton.

In addition, the Government of Canada will provide $1.2 million to the Federation de la jeunesse canadienne-francaise (FJCF) to organize the fourth Canadian Francophone Games, to be held August 14-17, 2008, in Edmonton. The Government of Alberta previously announced $400,000 in funding for the games.

"The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring the well-being of English and French minority-language communities, and to recognizing the importance of linguistic duality as an economic, social, and cultural asset for all Albertans and Canadians," said Minister Verner. "The projects announced today will give young Francophones a chance to live and thrive in their own language and to develop leadership skills that will enrich their community and Canadian society."

"These announcements demonstrate the Government of Canada's determination to strengthen the Francophone sector of the City of Edmonton and to contribute to the vitality and growth of the Franco-Albertan community," said Mr. Jaffer.

"The Government of Alberta is pleased to support phase two of La Cite francophone," said Minister Goudreau. "This expansion will continue to foster Alberta's francophone community and contribute to the vitality and dynamism of both the francophone community and to the province of Alberta as a whole."

"Alberta is thrilled to host the 2008 Canadian Francophone Games," added Goudreau. "We look forward to welcoming Francophones from across the country and showcasing the leadership of our youth on the national stage."

"La Cite francophone is the cornerstone of the Francophonie in north-central Alberta," said Suzanne Lamy-Thibaudeau, Executive Chair of La Cite francophone and the Centre communautaire d'Edmonton. "It's an ideal venue for cultural and community events."

"We are delighted with the Government of Canada's generous financial," said Kathryn Grenier, Chair of the FJCF. "This national event, which will bring together more than 1200 young people and their team attendants from all 10 provinces and the three territories, demonstrates the importance of the connections that are developing between young Francophones from every part of Canada. By recognizing the vital role of the Canadian Francophone Games in helping to forge our young people's cultural identity, the Government confirms that the FJCF and the Games have succeeded in their mission."

Funding for these projects will come from the $30 million in additional funding, over two years, announced by the Government of Canada in the 2007 Budget to support official-language minority communities and linguistic duality. For a nationwide list of projects benefiting from this funding, please see the attached fact sheet.

Provincial funds for the expansion of La Cite francophone are being provided as part of Alberta's Major Community Facilities Program. This two-year, $280-million lottery-funded program, helps municipalities, not-for-profit organizations and Aboriginal communities plan, upgrade or build major public-use facilities that enhance community life in Alberta. Funds for the 2008 Canadian Francophone Games are being provided through the Alberta Lottery Fund.

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Intergenerational Projects for Canada's Francophone and Francophile Youth Federation des ainees et aines francophones du Canada (FAAFC)

- Government of Canada support: $16,000 (2007-2008) and $56,000 (2008-2009)

The objective of this project is to establish a national framework of intergenerational initiatives, in every province and territory to strengthen the identity of Francophone young people and promote French-language learning among young, Canadian Anglophones. The project will also support the implementation of intergenerational projects in the provinces and territories.

Third Canadian Youth Parliament

Federation de la jeunesse canadienne-francaise (FJCF)

- Government of Canada support: $135,000 (2007-2008)

From January 3-6, 2008, 90 Francophone youth leaders will gather in Ottawa to engage in a national activity that will enable them to better understand Canada's parliamentary system. The FJCF also organizes related activities for the participants in the year leading up to the event.

Strategy for Youth Development in Official-Language Minority Communities (OLMC) Through Community Radio

Quebec Association for Anglophone Community Radio

- Government of Canada support: $28,000 (2007-2008)

This project aims to put together a community-development strategy focussing on communications to encourage OLMC young people to develop their leadership potential. The first phase of the project will assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of a community broadcast concept to address two major issues facing Quebec's official-language minority communities: communications and youth retention.

Franco Medias 2010

L'Alliance des radios communautaires (ARC) du Canada

- Government of Canada support: $23,000 (2007-2008) and $76,360 (2008-2009)

This project focuses on setting up a French-language communication system for live broadcasts from the principal sites of the 2010 Winter Olympics and offering young Francophone Canadians an enriching media experience. The project will be coordinated jointly by the ARC du Canada and the Association de la presse francophone (APF) du Canada. The programming-aimed primarily at participating Francophone athletes, team attendants, volunteers, and guests-will be developed and produced by 16 young Canadians, aged 18 to 25. Programming will air live in Vancouver and Whistler; it will also be available online, as well as in the member publications of the APF and on the member stations of the ARC du Canada.

Youth Leadership Symposium

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)-New Brunswick

- Government of Canada support: $39,725 (2007-2008)

This project is designed to promote the value of French and encourage its use in communities. CPF New Brunswick will oversee the participation of 20 high schools and the twinning of 10 Anglophone and 10 Francophone schools from Francophone, Anglophone, and bilingual communities.

French Club

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)-Prince Edward Island

- Government of Canada support: $25,000 (2007-2008)

This project is focused on providing children in grades 1 to 6 with an opportunity to participate in fun, extracurricular activities in French. Activities will be open to both French immersion and French first-language students. The French Club will be set up in four different locations in Prince Edward Island.

ESPRIT Leadership Camp

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)-Ontario

- Government of Canada support: $12,700 (2007-2008)

This project will engage the services of a Francophone camp-organizing professional to develop a French-language camp leadership program. A director's guide and a counselor's guide for each activity will also be developed. The weekend camp will welcome 60 French immersion students in Grades 7 and 8.

Le rendez-vous des ami-e-s!

Dialogue New Brunswick

- Government of Canada support: $15,360 (2007-2008) and $52,400 dollars (2008-2009)

For 15 years, Dialogue New Brunswick has sponsored a pen-pal program called My Friend- mon ami(e). It has proven so successful that the organization plans to add a component that will allow pen-pals to share an interactive educational experience in their second language. The project will allow Dialogue New Brunswick to develop structured, interactive, educational activities designed to bring young people closer to one another.

Ma radio en francais

L'alliance des radios communautaires (ARC) du Canada

- Government of Canada support: $54,386 (2007-2008) and $45,794 (2008-2009)

This project is intended to give young Anglophones in immersion the opportunity to produce radio programming in their second language. Three immersion classes will be selected to create radio shows, and a resource kit will be developed to help teachers and radio stations carry out the project. The kit may also be used subsequently by other schools and/or radio stations interested in trying out the project. In all, the young Francophiles will write, prepare, revise, and produce 10 radio broadcasts.

Art Camps for Youth in Immersion

Le Conseil des arts de Cheticamp

- Government of Canada support: $15,000 (2007-2008)

This project will offer art camps designed to meet the specific needs and realities of students in immersion programs. The Conseil des arts de Cheticamp will develop the program activities for the art camps and will coordinate promotion and recruitment. Approximately 60 young immersion students will benefit from two one-week art camp sessions in the community of Cheticamp.

Linguistic and Cultural Discovery through a Summer Volunteer Program

Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC)

- Government of Canada support: $37,000 (2007-2008) and $135,000 (2008-2009)

SEVEC, in cooperation with Canadian Parents for French and the Commission nationale des parents francophones, will offer young people an opportunity to practice second-language skills by living in a group situation and volunteering in a local community. The project is a structured, community-based volunteer program that will allow young people to be welcomed in communities where their second language (English or French) is spoken.

Living in a Bilingual Canada - Provincial/Territorial Roll-Out

Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC)

- Government of Canada support: $238,000 (2007-2008)

This project is the follow-up to the November 2007 Living and Learning in a Bilingual Canada event. The project is designed to create discussion, inform participants about local resources, determine gaps in opportunities to participate in French (second-language) activities, share successes/challenges, and develop new, local action plans and the next steps to be taken by the region. Developing the leadership skills of participants will be integral to the process.

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