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January 07, 2008 08:00 ET

Gracenote Unveils the Most Advanced Video Identification, Recommendation, and Content Management Platform

New Solution Combines Industry-Leading Content Identification System, Proven Network Services Infrastructure, and the Largest Database of Film and Television Works Ever Created

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - CES -- In 2007, consumers' consumption of digital video became ubiquitous -- from video blogging to online advertising, from user-generated mash-ups to major studio distribution, from the cell phone to the back-seat of the car. However, creating both an enjoyable consumer experience and a viable business around digital video remains a challenge, and Gracenote® is introducing a comprehensive Video Platform that both enhances video enjoyment and provides a holistic set of tools for video management across every digital video medium. The new Gracenote Video Platform will give consumers, device manufacturers, and content owners the most effective way to search, identify, manage, and enjoy expanding video collections when accessed from their computers, mobile phones, DVD players, and other consumer electronics devices.

Recognized as the worldwide leader in digital music identification services for the last decade -- with more than two billion searches per month against its database by more than 300 million annual unique users -- Gracenote is expanding its digital media product line with a sophisticated, end-to-end solution for identifying, enjoying and managing video content unlike any other created. The new Video Platform combines Gracenote's Global Media Database with exhaustive data from partners including the British Film Institute (BFI) catalog of data on feature films, TV episodes, documentaries and animated films; and Stingray, a video data provider for the Japanese market. The Gracenote database will be the largest catalog of video works ever complied and will provide detailed, rich data for over 300,000 DVDs and nearly one million total unique video programs.

The company's new Video Platform features five new solutions: VideoID-DVD, VideoID-File, Video Link, a video recommendation engine, and a media monitoring and monetization system, all of which are planned to be launched in phases over the next 18 months. The suite of solutions is designed to provide consumers, device manufacturers, and content owners an integrated system that not only recognizes video, but supports a wide range of complementary applications, such as the delivery of enhanced metadata and cover art to enrich consumers' enjoyment of their DVD collections, the ability to make purchase recommendations based on a consumer's existing video library, and the performance of video identification to help content owners monetize their video content viewed online. Gracenote is demonstrating the new Video Platform for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

"The Gracenote Video Platform strikes at the center of what many consider to be the number-one shift in media consumption: online video," said Craig Palmer, Gracenote CEO. "Today, there isn't an effective way of identifying, tracking, and monetizing the millions of digital video files being created, accessed, and shared across multiple platforms. At the same time, consumers are often forced to wade through video they don't like and stumble upon video they do like without the opportunity to more easily search and find video, purchase related products or services, or enhance the experience in any meaningful way. Gracenote's Video Platform addresses every one of these challenges and provides the necessary tools to support the industry and the phenomenal growth trajectory it's riding."

Gracenote's Video Platform

Gracenote's Video Platform includes five products -- all in one powerful technology solution that can be customized for various usage scenarios:

--  VideoID-DVD: Enables identification, search and organization of
    physical DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray disc collections, and provides metadata,
    cover art, synopsis, cast/credits, and detailed product information for
    identified discs.
--  VideoID-File: Identifies video files or streams using proprietary
    video fingerprinting technology to recognize the content. It supports a
    number of applications, such as content monetization using Gracenote's
    Video Content Manager, and organization of a consumer's time-shifted
    broadcast TV recordings. VideoID-File can be implemented in software or in
    devices that can access video files or streams.
--  Video Link: Expanding on Gracenote's current audio content linking
    technology, this solution enables content distributors to partner with
    device manufacturers to link a device's playback of a video title to
    related content. Video Link supports the delivery of dynamic and updatable
    content such as newer/refreshed trailers, bonus footage, interviews, and
    deleted scenes, provides a platform for interactive content to build fan
    communities; and enhances retail opportunities for discs, games, toys,
    theatre tickets, and more.
--  Video Recommendation Engine: Recommends video titles for VideoID users
    based on genre, keyword, era, director, cast, and a host of other
    variables. Recommendations can be based on selected video and users can
    search across a variety of categories themselves.
--  Media Monitoring and Monetization System: Adding to Gracenote's
    existing market-leading audio capabilities, this system is designed to
    allow content owners to tag, monitor, manage, filter, and monetize video
    content by identifying video files and streams online using VideoID-File.
    Content owners can identify their copyrighted content being uploaded to or
    streamed from Internet Web sites and then associate particular usage rules
    for the identified content as part of its agreement with the Web site

"The studios want to work with a small number of technology providers who can deliver a complete solution, including the video identification technology, comprehensive video metadata, and the expertise of managing an online global media database," said Brad Hunt, the former CTO of the MPAA and now digital media industry consultant. "Gracenote, whose video fingerprinting technology was one of the top performers in the MPAA content recognition testing, is uniquely positioned to fill this role."

Addressing Consumer, Manufacturer and Content Owner Needs

Gracenote's Video Platform is the only comprehensive solution that enriches the consumer experience, significantly enhances device manufacturer product lines, and provides a holistic set of tools for content owners:

--  Consumers: Consumers are looking for ways to more easily search their
    personal DVD collections, broadcast TV recordings, and Web-based video
    purchases, and they want access anytime, anywhere: on the couch in front of
    the TV, at the computer, on the cell phone, on their portable media
    players, and in the backseat of the car. Gracenote's VideoID-DVD and
    VideoID-File will give consumers the ability to enjoy their video
    collections with enhanced metadata viewable on any device or Web site.
    Consumer will be able to virtually flip through their DVD disc collections
    via their cover art images, read the synopsis, discover the actors, receive
    recommendations for other films, etc. -- from any device, anywhere,
--  Device Manufacturers: Gracenote can deliver its advanced video
    recognition and content metadata linking capabilities to any platform where
    consumers enjoy video -- across set-top boxes, disc players, portable media
    players, game consoles, PC applications, media servers, cell phones, Web
    sites, and automotive disc players. VideoID-DVD, VideoID-File, Video Link,
    and Video Discover provide a powerful set of capabilities with advanced
    video search, purchase, playback, and recommendation features built-in.
--  Content Owners and Distributors: Far more than the ability to track
    and manage enormous volumes of content, rights holders need tools for
    content distribution, cross-promotion, up-sell, advertising-supported,
    revenue sharing, payment, etc. -- and not just via a computer but across
    every consumer device that can access video content. Gracenote's Video
    Content Manager leverages the company's powerful audio and video
    fingerprinting technology combined with its extensive Global Media Database
    and management system that allows content owners to identify use of their
    content across various channels and specify actions to take for each
    distribution method.

A complete and effective digital content management system requires three equally important capabilities for a compelling solution: effective content identification technology, extensive content metadata, and dependable Global Media Database service. Gracenote is the only provider with all three capabilities.

Gracenote's Proven Technology

The Video Platform combines Gracenote's proven media recognition system, MusicID® -- used in nearly every kind of device and with major rights management and broadcast monitoring customers across the world -- with new video fingerprinting technology to provide accurate identification of video and audio content, even when the content has been intentionally distorted in an attempt to avoid detection. Gracenote's combined audio / video fingerprinting solution was recently tested by the MPAA and performed well above other solutions. The video identification technology pairs with a flexible content management platform to provide filtering, monitoring, and monetization solutions for content owners.

Gracenote combines this audio / video fingerprinting with its other technologies including disc recognition, metadata delivery, PC and device SDKs, and Web technologies to create its best-of-breed Video Platform. With the Video Platform, Gracenote can identify video discs, files, and streams, typically within a few seconds. Combined with its existing audio fingerprinting technology Gracenote has unmatched capabilities to deliver combined audio and video recognition across film, television, and commercial music.

Gracenote's Extensive Content Catalog

The Video Platform leverages an exclusive arrangement where Gracenote has combined its own information on film and television with content from BFI, Muze and Stingray, resulting in the broadest, deepest database of film and television works ever assembled. The BFI database features comprehensive data on more than 800,000 film and television works worldwide, while Stingray boasts a deep database of more than 100,000 film and television works across the U.S., Europe and Japan. The partnership with Muze delivers the most complete data on virtually every DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray disc across the US and UK, including cover art, synopsis, reviews, and more.

Far more than providing a video's title, actors and director, Gracenote's Video Platform dives into more than 50 data attributes on hundreds of thousands of feature films, including cover art, cast members, production crew, studio, genre, keywords, language, interactive elements, and links to related products, photos, Web sites and more. This rich and extensive archive of audiovisual works is combined with Gracenote's industry-standard commercial music database to create a truly Global Media Database with the deepest, most relevant, most comprehensive coverage across film, television, and music.

Applying Proven Expertise in Music

Gracenote manages the number-one service on the planet for managing music content metadata, and sets the standard for high availability and dependable service within the entertainment industry -- features that are critical to any real-time video identification, metadata delivery, and content management service. Digital music is in abundance everywhere, and wherever it is, Gracenote provides the metadata, content identification, cover art, lyrics, and host of other services to consumers, device manufacturers, and content owners. Gracenote is extending its expertise to deliver the same level of quality, performance, and dependability to the video entertainment industry.

Gracenote at CES

Gracenote will demonstrate the new Video Platform at CES in the South Hall 3, Booth 31453. To schedule a meeting with Gracenote at CES, please contact Veronica Skelton, 415-342-3435, or For more information on Gracenote's Video Platform or host of digital music and video services for the entertainment, mobile, automotive, and consumer electronics industries, please visit, or contact us directly at

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