SOURCE: Graphwise

October 08, 2007 06:00 ET

Graphwise Launches World's First Data Search Engine and Visualization Tool

COLLEGETOWN, PA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2007) - Graphwise ( today announced the launch of the world's first data search engine and visualization tool. The Graphwise online solution is designed to locate, extract and visualize data, creating the opportunity for those in search of relevant data, like students, researchers and analysts, to quickly find, compare and extract facts, figures and statistics and view them in powerful 3D graphs and charts.

"Graphwise is the only search engine that quickly finds relevant results with tabular data," said David Weitz, Chief Technology Officer of Graphwise, "Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and MSN cannot search, visualize and compare data, nor can they give me relevant data search results. In addition, if you have data, or want to identify, extract and visualize data from your desktop or a web address, we also offer the options of uploading or crawling any URL that you enter."

"GraphWise's vision is to be the leader in the next generation of tabular data search. Our back end technology with its broad platform and ubiquitous application will allow users to have a more relevant and powerful search experience," said CEO Bruce Lamont. "GraphWise is unique in the world of search engines that until recently only returned text-based information. In today's environment of search engine specialization if you want to search for videos you go to YouTube and if you want music you go to iTunes. If you're looking for tables of data we hope you go to GraphWise."

Graphwise can make it possible to find the data you need in seconds, not days. We only have to look at the broad interest and enormous success of the book, "Freakonomics," and the charts and graphs in the film "An Inconvenient Truth," to see the growing importance of data, analysis and visualization.

Using proprietary, patented data search technology, with the release of the Graphwise Beta the use of general search engines to search for data in a haystack will become a thing of the past. Graphwise users can also visualize data like never before. You can search for table data we've pulled from the web, graph the data with the row and column plots we've automatically created for you, customize the graphs, and optionally create glogs (graphical logs) that will include your comments about the graphs you've created. The graphs and glogs you've created can be downloaded for use in your homework, business presentations or blogs, or shared with the Graphwise community.

About Graphwise

Graphwise provides people with powerful search and visualization tools to find, compare and analyze data across the internet. Graphwise not only identifies and extracts relevant data across the web, it automatically creates stunning visualizations of the data, so that people can link, embed or download 3D graphs and charts on their blogs, websites, presentations or research papers. Headquartered near Philadelphia, the company has a team of consultants across the United States