Greek Community of Toronto

Greek Community of Toronto

October 26, 2007 17:13 ET

Greek Community of Toronto: Canadians of Greek Heritage Celebrate the 67th Anniversary of "OXI Day"

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2007) - On Sunday, October 28th, 2007 Canadians of Greek descent commemorate the 67th Anniversary of "OXI Day". Greece, the birthplace of democracy said "OXI" (NO) to fascism and defended its birthright, despite overwhelming and unfavourable odds. The result of this stern message was powerful, and ignited unprecedented grass-roots resistance against the forces of fascism.

Greece's decision to resist the fascist forces played a "pivotal role" in WW II. As retired General and former Supreme NATO Commander, Andrew J. Goodpaster, wrote:

"As the years pass, it becomes more and more necessary to recall and record for new generations just how the people of Greece, alone or with allies, gained and held for their country for a century and more the independence and democracy it possesses today -and how in one special moment in history Greece at heavy cost and sacrifice and with great courage and determination played a pivotal role in World War II in defying great forces of tyranny and Axis aggression that were arrayed against not only Greece but the whole of Civilization. It is an inspiring history."

Today in Greece and places like Toronto the memory of "OXI Day" is celebrated with religious services and parades.

"The 28th of October is not just a simple historic memory: it is a reminder of the highest values and virtues of Hellenism; the passion for justice; the courage in the time of trial; the unity in the midst of conflict, and willingness to offer up oneself or herself for the good of others. On this day we remember both the sacrifices and legacy of "OXI Day", said Costas Menegakis, President, Greek Community of Toronto.

This year's Anniversary of "OXI DAY" will be held in GreekTown on the Danforth. The parade will start at Eastern High School of Commerce (Danforth and Donlands) at 1:00 PM and will end west of Chester and Danforth.

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