Greek Community of Toronto

Greek Community of Toronto

October 26, 2007 17:17 ET

Greek Community of Toronto: Prime Minister Harper Rescind Your Decision

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2007) - Canadians of Hellenic heritage from across Canada gather at Parliament Hill this Saturday, October 27, 2007, 1:00 PM to demand that Prime Minister Harper rescind his government's decision to recognize FYROM with a name other than the one agreed to by the Governments of Athens and Skopje and the international community in 1993 (United Nations Security Council Resolution 817, 1993).

This blunt and unprecedented decision by the Prime Minister circumvents and challenges UN resolutions and decisions; it ignores commitments undertaken through international agreements and puts a stop to a great tradition of previous governments of Canada that held fast to their principles, earning Canada its reputation and respect in the international community and amongst its citizens from coast-to-coast.

Mr. Harper's decision does not assist to the promotion of good neighbour relations among Athens and Skopje and can only create unnecessarily further tensions in the Balkans and undermine the efforts made by the United Nations Security Council to facilitate bilateral negotiations between Greece and FYROM, for a mutually agreeable solution regarding the use of the Greek name Macedonia.

Mr. Harper's decision is an insult to hundreds of thousands of Canadians of Hellenic descent and their families when their elected members of parliament ignore their sensitivities of cultural identity and align with attempts to falsify 4000 thousand years of Hellenic history and civilization that define the name Macedonia.

The decision further encourages those who, reminiscent of a different era, systematically usurp Hellenic civilization and manufacture history and heritage that produce self-proclaimed descendants of Hellenic historical leaders, appropriate their symbols and serve only one purpose: that of satisfying future territorial ambitions for the commercial and/or political benefits of their friends and allies.

At the same time Prime Minister Harper takes, rightfully, a strong stand in protecting our Canadian sovereignty against foreign claims in the Northern Passage where global warming is redefining our geography. We as Canadians support our government's efforts to assert sovereignty and stop the redefining of our Northern Passage. In the same vein, we as Canadians of Hellenic descent categorically reject the cultural expropriation of Hellenic history by band of communists turn "democrats".

"Mr. Harper's decision to recognize FYROM under its so called 'constitutional name' contributes to redefining 4000 years of Hellenic history and civilization. This is not acceptable and only encourages the destabilization in the area", said Costas Menegakis, President of the Greek Community of Toronto.

"OXI!" Prime Minister Harper. Revoke your decision.

October 27, 2007 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and in the next elections,
all Canadians of Hellenic descent will say NO!

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