Municipality of Meaford

Municipality of Meaford
Eureka Exchange

Eureka Exchange

March 01, 2010 13:09 ET

Green Technology for Small Businesses Takes a Worldwide Stage in Rural Canada

MEAFORD, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 1, 2010) - On March 20, 2010 the Eureka Exchange will be officially launched in the Municipality of Meaford.  Product Partners,, along with the Municipality of Meaford, will host an Internet-based High Definition TV broadcast of new and emerging green technologies and green productivity solutions designed for small and medium-size businesses.  The broadcast will utilize an innovative online streaming technology enabling over 5000 participants around Canada and around the world to take part from the convenience of their own office. Just click to play.

The focus of the Eureka Exchange is to showcase innovative ideas, inventions and technologies that will enable small and medium-size businesses to implement solutions with minimal investments of time and money to create efficiencies and green their productivity. Bob McDonald, host of CBC's Quirks and Quarks is MC for the broadcast. Speakers including business leaders, innovators, and technology experts from around the world will be broadcast into and from Meaford Hall (a recently renovated Edwardian styled Opera House with state of the art technological capabilities) in the spirit of "going for the green".

Tickets to be part of the on-site live broadcast are limited at $49.95, available through Meaford Hall. Being there allows participants to meet with some fascinating speakers, tour the onsite Eco-Fair, and engage in some incredible networking opportunities. But you don't have to be in Meaford to take part in the launch. Thanks to broadcast partner, Xool Labs of Vancouver, the HD broadcast will be streamed to a world-wide audience of more than 5000. This is personal theatre at its best. This option can save small business travel time while keeping their carbon footprint down. Your personal theatre option offers convenience, cost-effectively, with a simple click.

Ticket options are obviously much greater on-line but don't wait, the world is our stage through this new technology, don't miss out. Tickets start at $25. for small business; for business associations, educational institutions, medium-sized businesses - $250.; for large companies and governments - $500.

Meaford's recent economic development strategy outlines its interest in creating an atmosphere for interest, investment and growth of green technologies. Unique to Meaford's approach is the opportunity to leverage leading edge technology to foster the greening of local business and to interest those who want to play in a growing green global market. And this means local business owners can enjoy a quality life style that a rural community can offer while playing in the global economy. 

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