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October 09, 2007 09:48 ET

GridApp Systems Introduces Industry's Most Advanced Database Automation Capabilities With Clarity 4.0

GridApp Clarity First Automation Software to Align Database Infrastructure With Business Needs

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 9, 2007) - GridApp Systems, Inc. (, the leading provider of out-of-the-box database automation software and solutions, today introduced GridApp Clarity 4.0, the next-generation version of its flagship database automation software. Clarity 4.0 provides enterprise IT with a deeper level of functionality and customization, enabling customers to simplify, streamline and standardize database operations, and better align database capabilities with business needs. Through Clarity 4.0, GridApp has strengthened its out-of-the-box functionality with deeper automation capabilities for database patching and provisioning, enhanced management features, broader support for heterogeneous database infrastructures and built-in server validation.

As database environments are becoming increasingly convoluted and difficult to manage, organizations are in search of solutions to help improve efficiency throughout their IT processes. Clarity automates tasks such as patching, provisioning, configuration, and auditing to minimize the time and cost associated with these monotonous activities. As a result, enterprises can save valuable resources and achieve greater predictability across their database operations while deriving better insight from their data.

"GridApp's focus is on supplying not only a workflow automation tool, but a wealth of best practices configurations," said Jasmine Noel, technology analyst at Ptak, Noel & Associates. "As any administrator will attest, it is easier to tweak a template than it is to build a detailed workflow from scratch. Given the arcane details necessary to correctly manage database configurations and deployments, this packaged know-how and experience may well be a significant differentiator for GridApp as more DBAs evaluate their automation solution options."

Clarity 4.0 is the first database automation software to provide enterprise IT with:

Rich Out-of-the-Box Content

With Clarity's out-of-the-box automation, there is no need for database administrators to write and maintain provisioning scripts. Database administrators can easily build upon organization standards to create a model within Clarity that encompasses database configuration and patches, custom business logic and metadata, and storage configuration across platforms and database versions. And, because Clarity already knows how to provision and patch most scripts, it minimizes ramp-up time traditionally needed to support different or new versions of Oracle and SQL Server.

Enhanced Management Capabilities

Clarity 4.0 features several capabilities for improved management of the database environment including advanced database discovery, the presence of patch administrators, centralized delivery of agent updates, and the ability to restart provisioning jobs from arbitrary points. By leveraging these new capabilities, customers can reduce errors and bring consistency to database processes.

In addition, Clarity can now scale to support several thousand databases.

Broader Support for Heterogeneous Database Environments

The next-generation version of Clarity extends GridApp's support to Solaris, 64-bit SQL Server and Veritas and Windows clustering. Clarity 4.0 provides native awareness of Veritas, Oracle RAC, and SQL Server cluster environments, enabling database administrators to rapidly discover and bring database servers under management.

Built-In Server Validation

Clarity 4.0 provides built-in validation of database server configurations based on industry and vendor best practices. These best practices are stored in a central library, enabling database administrators to automatically check server configurations against defined best practices. This saves database administrators valuable time previously spent on troubleshooting and correcting misconfigurations.

"The new release of Clarity 4.0 introduces a true out-of-the-box automation solution for customers looking to dramatically improve the efficiency and reliability of their database infrastructure," said Matthew Zito, chief scientist at GridApp Systems. "By leveraging Clarity's rich content and built-in best practices, database administrators can redirect their attention from mundane operational tasks to revenue generating business activities. Automation has rapidly become a cornerstone for today's database environments, empowering IT departments to drive down costs and improve consistency across mission-critical database environments."

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