HE-5 Resources, Corp.

HE-5 Resources, Corp.

October 15, 2009 09:25 ET

HE-5 RESOURCES CORP., Launches its New Shareholders Communication Program Today, and Management Will be Live on First Community Member International Conference Call at 2:00 pm Eastern Time

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2009) - HE-5 Resources, Corp. (PINK SHEETS:HRRN) today launched its new shareholders communication program and management will be live on first community member International conference call at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.

We are proud to host our first community shareholder/member conference call and to introduce ourselves and learn more about our member shareholders opinions, ideas, and needs. We have prepared a meeting agenda covering most frequently asked questions and providing main general overview information on today's' conference call topics, for logistics purposes and for those who will not be attending the meeting.

The Conference Meeting Agenda

"Trading Barter Bank" Website & Service offer (5 minutes)

- When will the new Website be online?

- As we have previously indicated the current Corporate Website is temporary, and our software and marketing team will have the new "Trading Barter Bank" Site online by December 15th 2009

Private Investment Bank Acquisition (5 minutes)

- How can we possibly acquire the private investment bank? And when will it be effective?

- The private bank group has been involved with the founders of "Trading Barter Bank" since the beginning. The acquisition was planned for a long time and is one of the key strategic platform components.

The transaction is effective, and the disclosure will be made available within the next couple of days on Pink Sheets news and filings services.

Trade volume and stock price? (5 minutes)

- With all of the volume we have seen, why is the stock price still at this value? Who is selling?

- We believe that our stock should always be very liquid with daily high volumes, as "Trading" is the hearth of our concept. We wanted all of our shareholders and partners to equally have the opportunity to get stocks at low costs, and for everyone to build value together.

- We have invested significant sums of money into the project, and the sale of certain stock positions, is directly or indirectly reinvested in the Company developments as you will be able to see in our financial statements.

What is going on with the 2 for 1 forward split? And why have you done that? (5 minutes)

- The 2 for 1 forward split was made for the same considerations mentioned above, and to compensate the founders of the Company. The final filing requests from FINRA will be made next week combined with other disclosure statements filings.

Free question period (5 minutes)

In order to coordinate shareholders and investors interventions, each participant will be allowed to ask one single question to management in regards to topics specified in the conference call agenda. Any irrelevant questions will be rejected. The conference call will be monitored by a moderator during the call. Any shareholder/investor interested in participating to the conference call is invited to join the conference 15 minutes before the conference begins, in order to schedule the intervention.

We trust that the participants will be respectful and respects the others as well as management appointed. We will have a maximum number of 25 participants and for people who would not be able to participate we will have their name in file and they will be given priority in the next conference call session.

The recording of the press conference will be made available on our corporate web site.

In order to join the conference call, please dial:

Toll-Free Access Number:


Direct Dial/ International Access Number:


Once you are asked to enter your participant code, please dial:

Participant Code:

46533468# (HE-5 Resources Corp - Participant)

We will keep our shareholders informed and invite you in participating to our new online "United Business Traders" forum worldwide at www.unitedbusinesstraders.com

For more information on "Trading Barter Bank" we invite you to please visit our corporate Web site now available in English, French and Spanish at: www.tradingbartercorp.com

Or you can go to: www.he5-resourcescorp.com

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Forward-Looking Statements

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