January 20, 2010 15:46 ET

HMSHost Lifts Lockout Notice and Asks Union to Commit to No Labour Disruption at Vancouver International Airport During Olympic Games

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire – Jan. 20, 2010) - After two weeks of negotiations, HMSHost reports that while mediation is ongoing, it has not yet been able to conclude negotiations with Unite Here Local 40 on a labour agreement that covers some of HMSHost's food and beverage and retail employees at Vancouver International Airport.

On January 4, 2010, HMSHost issued a 72 hour lockout notice to Unite Here Local 40, which was designed to encourage the Union to return to negotiations prior to the start of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. On January 6, 2010, both parties resumed negotiations with a mediator. The lockout notice was not implemented and is lifted officially as of today.

With plans for mediation to continue throughout this week, HMSHost is calling for Unite Here Local 40 to commit to no disruption or strike action in the event negotiations are put on hold in the run up to and during the Games. 

"We are lifting our lockout notice officially. Although we were successful in getting negotiations going, a lockout now would only hurt our associates, the Airport and the travelling public," said Daryl Hrynkiw, General Manager, Food and Beverage, Host International of Canada, Ltd. at Vancouver International Airport. "We are asking that the Union make the same commitment to no disruptions during the Games," said Hrynkiw.

HMSHost, together with its partners at Vancouver International Airport, is actively engaged in preparing for the increased number of visitors traveling through the Airport during the Games. HMSHost remains willing to meet with representatives from Unite Here Local 40 and hopes they will recognize the importance of labour peace at this critical time.

Background Information

  • Despite numerous attempts by HMSHost to start negotiations, the company and representatives of Unite Here Local 40 met only six times in the 11 months before January 6, 2010. After failing to reach a bargaining agreement, HMSHost issued a 72-hour lockout notice to Unite Here Local 40 on January 4, 2010. This was done to encourage the Union to return to the negotiation process.
  • Negotiations resumed on January 6, 2010 and have continued for two weeks, including weekends. There are approximately 281 employees under the terms covered by the March 2009 CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) that is currently under negotiation.
  • Any disruption of food and beverage or retail services at HMSHost-managed facilities at Vancouver International Airport would affect only 16 HMSHost outlets, out of the more than 170 other food, beverage and retail concessions available at the Airport.
  • The pending closure of a Milestone's restaurant at Vancouver International Airport is not related to the discussions with Unite Here Local 40 and is an entirely separate issue from the current negotiations. 

HMSHost Union Staffed Units include:

  • DTB L2 – Tim Hortons, Stanley's Bar & Grill, Harvey's, News to You
  • DTB L3 Pre Security – Tim Hortons and Milestone's
  • DTB Pier A – Palomino Bar & Grill, Vancouver News
  • DTB Pier C - Toast Café and Tim Hortons
  • ITB Int'l L2 – Tim Hortons
  • ITB Int'l Post WCE – Tim Hortons, Milestone's
  • ITB TB Post – Tim Hortons, Pacific Grill, Voyages

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