Eldercare Home Health Inc.

Eldercare Home Health Inc.

December 21, 2009 14:37 ET

HST Punishes Seniors in Need of Elder Care

President of Eldercare Home Health calls for HST exemption for senior care.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 21, 2009) -

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Lisa Wiseman, President of Eldercare Home Health Inc. says the HST is a significant cost for seniors who require elder care to remain safe, healthy and independent."

"We all know that the healthcare system is stretched. For many seniors, hiring supplementary elder care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. It's the difference between staying at home safely and maintaining your independence, or having to make multiple trips to the Emergency Department and an admission to a Nursing Home" says Wiseman.

"These seniors, who are saving tax payers money by choosing to stay at home, will now be penalized with the HST." According to The Daily, a Stats Canada Report, one out of every seven non-institutionalized seniors, about 566,500, reported receiving home care (2003) of some form.

The additional cost for a senior, as a result of the HST, can range from $713 per year for someone receiving 4 hours of care 3 times a week to $7,981 per year for someone receiving 12 hours of care 7 days a week.

"Many people think that only the wealthy hire supplementary care" says Wiseman "but the truth is, many seniors are middle class and have made the decision to commit their financial resources to prioritize their independence and safety."

"Another undesirable effect of the HST will be to encourage a lot of illegal, under the table arrangements" says Wiseman. "These cash arrangements circumvent Revenue Canada remittance requirements as well as Canadian labour laws. Needless to say, these under the table workers won't be insured or bonded."

Vulnerable seniors are already at greater risk for such things as unreported accidents, physical, mental or financial abuse, neglect etc. Leaving their care in the hands of people who are prepared to work illegally, puts them at even greater risk.

"The HST will be hitting seniors who need care – people who have paid taxes all their lives – at a time when they need help the most. To be respectful and fair, we need to exempt seniors' care costs from the HST" says Wiseman.

Eldercare Home Health Inc. is a Toronto based company. Eldercare Home Health Inc. has been providing Registered Nurse Supervised elder care throughout the GTA since 1995. Lisa Wiseman BScN RN is the President of Eldercare Home Health Inc. and can be reached at: 416 482-8292 or wiseman@eldercarehomehealth.com.

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