Hain Celestial Canada

Hain Celestial Canada

July 09, 2009 16:00 ET

Hain Celestial Asks Canadians: Are You Green on the Inside?

Canada's natural and organic food leader wants to see your green side for a chance to win a trip to the 2010 Winter Games

DELTA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 9, 2009) -

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Hey Canadians! Are you green on the inside? That's what Hain Celestial™ wants to know. As Canada's first-ever Official Supplier of natural and organic packaged grocery products for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, they think you may be surprised at just who thinks they can eat healthier. A recent survey found that even Canadians and medal-winning athletes that are dedicated to eating well admit they see a need to eat more nutritiously. Today, the company launched a national program challenging all Canadians to show their green spirit, get green on the inside and be a part of the 2010 Winter Games celebration.

A recent survey conducted by Hain Celestial of 3,000 members of its Yves Veggie Cuisine® Good Food Club found that 89 per cent felt that it is just as important to be green on the inside as it was to be green on the outside.

"As Canadians, we are becoming more aware of our responsibility to be 'green' and to support our environment," says Beena Goldenberg, President, Hain Celestial Canada. "However, we believe that we Canadians are also making the right choices when it comes to what we eat - choosing to be 'Green on the Inside.' What does that mean? Well, as we rally around our Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes and encourage them to compete in the true athletic tradition of cleanly, naturally, organically, purely, and nobly, it offers a time for us all to take stock of our own goals, embrace A Healthy Way of Life™ and go for the green!"

One Canadian Olympic athlete who is on a fast track to getting green on the inside is Olympic Speed Skater Kristina Groves. A two-time Olympic silver medalist at the last Winter Games in Torino, 2008 World Cup Overall Champion (1500m), 2008 World Champion (3000m), 2009 World Allround Silver Medalist, Kristina has spent her entire career going 360 degrees on a speed skating oval with the goal of performing at her very best. She brings that same 360 degree perspective and dedication to the rest of her life by pursuing a green lifestyle every single day - both outside and inside. Her passion for the environment extends to how she treats her "inner environment" by incorporating natural and organic foods into her lifestyle.

Being green on the inside means being aware of what you are putting in your body

"I approach eating well not as an athlete and because I need it to perform well, but from a health and wellness aspect, because I feel better when I eat better," said Ms. Groves. She has always eaten organic and natural food, growing up in a family that used to buy organic wheat from a local farmer, grinding it by hand using a grist mill in the basement of their home.

She also believes that being green on the inside means having an awareness of what you are putting into your body. "It's all about choices and having a knowledge of what you're choosing," she says. "You need to say I choose to eat this way because it's good for my body. It's just become ingrained for me to choose natural and organic products. It's about maintaining my health, not just eating calories to stay alive. It's about making an effort to learn what is really healthy for your body, and choosing foods that are good for you and the planet."

Ms. Groves believes that Canadians need to make the connection between the food they eat and the environment. "They are intimately connected; you can help effect the environment by what you put in your mouth," she says. "It's a matter of training your brain about what you're eating, why you're eating it, where it comes from and what can I do to make it better for me and my family."

Even nutritiously-focused Canadians see need to eat healthier

But even she admits that she plans to become even more "healthy" in the way she eats in the future. "There are definitely things I can do to eat better." In fact, 89 per cent of Canadians surveyed agreed with her, saying they planned to eat more nutritiously in the future. Even amongst this group of nutritiously-focused Canadians, many of those surveyed didn't believe that they ate more healthy or nutritiously than most people. And 30 per cent felt that compared to their friends and family they ate just as healthy or even less nutritiously; almost half of them, 45 per cent, say they purchase organic and natural products less than half the time. A perception that organic and natural foods take longer to prepare and are harder to find were cited as the most common reasons.

"We feel the survey reconfirms that while many Canadians have started building green thinking into their daily lifestyles at home, work and play, it's time for Canadians to get serious about going green on the inside," said Ms. Goldenberg. "Kristina Groves knows that it's important to build A Healthy Way of Life from the inside out and our research has shown that organic foods are capturing the interest of more Canadians. Canadian shoppers are demonstrating their willingness to eat healthier by avoiding foods and ingredients that are not good for them. Purity and place of origin is fast becoming a concern. Now we want to educate even more Canadians about how easy and great tasting it is to get green on the inside."

Got green spirit? Get your smiling face in our ad

Hain Celestial is taking the Are You Green on the Inside? message on the road this summer and inviting Canadians to join in the celebration at major events right across Canada. Look for the Hain Celestial Go for the Green! Mobile Booth in Vancouver, BC, Calgary and Edmonton, AB, Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC from July 1st to September 7th. Have your picture taken and it will be one of thousands used to create a massive collage of Canadian fans celebrating A Healthy Way of Life during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. You can also visit www.greenontheinside.ca and post your picture there. Your smiling face could end up winning you a chance to see the 2010 Winter Games in person. You can also send words of support for Kristina Groves and our entire Canadian Olympic and Paralympic team as they prepare to compete for Canada in 2010.

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