Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

October 04, 2007 10:00 ET

Hampton: Don't Give McGuinty a Blank Cheque

HAMILTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2007) - NDP Leader Howard Hampton says only the NDP can make sure Dalton McGuinty doesn't let working families down for another four years. Hampton says the disastrous Conservative campaign has created a huge opening to shake up the politics of Ontario.

"Don't give Dalton McGuinty a blank cheque. I'm inviting Liberal voters, Conservative voters, people who may never have voted NDP in their lives, and, above all, young voters, to take a look at our six NDP commitments to your make life better," said Hampton.

Over the past four weeks, only the NDP has put forward a clear, achievable alternative with six practical, doable commitments working families can count on to make their lives better and more affordable.

John Tory's Conservatives have proven to be an ineffective opposition and no alternative to the McGuinty Liberals. Their faith-based schools fiasco has given Dalton McGuinty an out and let him off the hook by distracting from the real issues.

"McGuinty for his part, has run a terrible campaign in a bubble. He has refused to speak to his record. He has utterly failed to tell voters what he would do if he gets another big majority. We know he isn't John Tory, but other than that, he is offering nothing," said Hampton.

Hampton invited voters feeling let down by McGuinty's $40,000 pay raise, stalling on the $10 minimum wage, skyrocketing tuition fees, broken promises to children with autism, refusal to adopt minimum standards of care for seniors in long-term care, wrong-headed commitment to nuclear power, and lack of action on the manufacturing jobs crisis, to consider the NDP.

"Next Wednesday, the people of Ontario will pass judgment on Dalton McGuinty and his record of broken promises. I'm asking Ontarians to take a second look at the NDP. Only we can make sure Dalton McGuinty doesn't let you down again," said Hampton.

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