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Ontario's NDP

September 30, 2007 16:56 ET

Hampton Talks to Young People About NDP Plan: No New Nuclear Plants

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2007) - NDP Leader Howard Hampton says aggressive conservation and clean energy are the best alternative to nuclear energy. Hampton made the remarks at a roundtable this afternoon with Toronto youth.

"We need to leave our young people a society based on safe, low-cost, environmentally sustainable energy solutions, instead of Dalton McGuinty's expensive, unreliable and toxic nuclear legacy," said Hampton.

Speaking to students involved in several environmental organizations on a building with a "green" solar-powered roof, Hampton outlined NDP commitments that will give hard-pressed working families and students the tools they need to reduce their energy use and save money.

With aggressive conservation, we can say 'no' to building new nuclear plants and 'no' to making our youth invent a way to store nuclear waste that stays radioactive and dangerous for thousands of years," said Hampton. "I don't want to leave that mess with my kids and I don't want to leave it for you."

New Democrats don't accept that the McGuinty Liberals' $40 billion nuclear mega-scheme is the answer to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future in Ontario. The NDP plan to significantly increase energy conservation and energy efficiency includes low-interest loans to help families use less energy by retrofitting homes, incentives to install 100,000 solar hot water heaters on homes by 2012, and rebates to encourage 750,000 homeowners to cut peak electricity demand by 750 megawatts.

"The public, especially young people like you, are way ahead of the McGuinty government when it comes to wanting to take the steps necessary to protect our environment. This is your future we're talking about. You can count on the NDP to act now," Hampton said.

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