July 24, 2009 09:22 ET

Harry Potter Star Alan Rickman Emerges as Unlikely Movie Crush as BREEZER

Survey reveals women want laughter and the strong, silent type not looks in these tough times

LONDON, UK--(Marketwire - July 24, 2009) -

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Women love to share, especially when it comes to secret movie crushes! So with the summer blockbuster season well under way, Breezer invited the nation's women to anonymously reveal the unlikely movie stars they would most like to get fruity with!

The cast of unusual suspects includes some eyebrow-raising stars that reveal more about the tastes of British women than we would have ever imagined. Harry Potter villain Professor Snape, Darth Vader and even Lex Luthor are just some of the characters who set women's pulses racing! Rising comedy star Seth Rogen is the movie geek women would most like to get super bad with, whilst British star Simon Pegg also makes the top five secret movie crushes.

Top psychologist Jenni Trent Hughes suggests the results are an indication of the current climate: "It's no big surprise in these turbulent times women have decided that cute and cuddly has more appeal than hard and handsome. When things get tough we all tend to look for 'safe', 'reliable', 'comforting' - in everything from the kinds of cars that we buy to the kinds of boys that we like. Slow and steady wins the day. There is still a longing for strong silent types who can protect us but even he will now be more accessible - think Kevin Spacey rather than Brad Pitt. Yes there will always be room for the bold and the beautiful but nowadays comfort and security wins over flash, trash and cash!"

The top ten are:

1. Seth Rogen

2. Tom Hanks

3. Kevin Spacey

4. Alan Rickman

5. Simon Pegg

6. Darth Vader

7. Michael Cera

8. Alec Baldwin

9. Will Ferrell

10. Dustin Hoffman

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