Serenity Ranch at Central Alberta Recovery Centre

Serenity Ranch at Central Alberta Recovery Centre

June 09, 2009 10:00 ET

Health Facility Developing Oil Workers Treatment Program

-Getting to the 'C.O.A.R.'-

TEES, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - An Alcohol and drug treatment centre in Central Alberta is developing a treatment program for addiction specifically for oil workers. Serenity Ranch at Central Alberta Recovery Centre, the only private treatment centre in Alberta, is calling out to the Oil Industry nationwide for input, support and their knowledge to develop this much needed treatment program.

Owner Jim Gray says there is definitely a need for this unique program. "I myself have worked in the oil patch for many years and have seen the addiction problems again and again. We have had many oil workers go through our current 6 week program and over and over we hear the same story; that it is very hard to stay clean and sober while working in the oil patch".

The Oil Industry often has workers staying in hotels or work camps for up to a month at time as they work on oil/gas rigs, testing, oil sands and related oilfield work.

'D.J.' a recovered alcoholic and former oil worker says the challenges of staying sober in the patch are many. "I found that I would go to work for weeks at a time in a remote camp and all I could think about was my time out. I had every intention of not drinking on my time out, but when the time came I had a pocket full of money and I was drunk for my whole week off. It's like the job pressured me up week after week, and 'boom', I was drunk half way home. I didn't drink at work but I witnessed many people drink and do drugs all night and go to work the next morning, and this is how accidents happen! It's a major safety issue."

The program is designing modules for the 6 week treatment program that would include; "How to maintain sobriety while working for long periods of time", "How to tell your Co-workers you don't drink or use drugs", "Resources for support while you are away", "What to do with all that money". The program is even developing a fitness component that can be done in a 10 X 12 bedroom if the camp or hotel doesn't have a gym.

Gray says his facility mirrors a remote work camp. "Our facility is a 20 man camp, much the same that you find in an oil camp setting, so the atmosphere is perfect for oil workers to get to the root of their addictions and learn tools that will help them better manage to stay clean and sober when they leave and go back to the patch".

The program is calling out to the Oil Industry for support continues Gray. "What we need at this point is for the Oil Industry to contact us and get on board. We truly need their valuable input on what they would like to see included in the program to make this happen. The Oil Industry is aware of addiction in the work place. This program is for their workers and together we know we can make a difference in helping these men and women achieve sobriety and maintain sobriety wherever they are".

The program will be called C.O.A.R. (Canadian Oil workers Addiction Rehabilitation). Gray's hope is that together with the Oil Industry they can help fight addiction and enhance safety in the patch. "We decided on the name C.O.A.R., much like in the oil field they examine the core for valuable production data, we too want to get to the core of the oil workers suffering from addiction, examine the data, implement a program of action and send a happier, healthier and more productive employee back to the patch".

Participants of the C.O.A.R. program can also obtain any safety tickets they require or that are out of date, i.e.: H2S and First Aid.

'D.J.' adds, "I think this is a much needed program, I know I could have used this upon returning to work. I had to finally quit the patch. The pressures out there are like nowhere else and the work setting is like nowhere else. The key, I feel is continually working on your sobriety when you are at work for long stretches, knowing who to call or how to access support when you need it and what to do when you leave for a break, this program is long overdue!"

Serenity Ranch currently runs a 3 week and 6 week treatment program for addiction to alcohol and drugs for men and women. The Centre is located on 6 acres of land near the Hamlet of Tees, Alberta.

Serenity Ranch at Central Alberta Recovery Centre, our mission is to provide a natural, safe, supportive as well as structured residential care facility for men and women for their families and significant others who have been affected by addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.

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