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August 07, 2006 08:00 ET

Health Language Launches SNOMED CT Clinical Subset Module for Language Engine

AURORA, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 7, 2006 -- Health Language, Inc. (HLI), the world's leading supplier of language engine (LE) technology for medical vocabulary, announced today the launch of SNOMED CT® (Clinical Terms) Clinical Subset Module. This content provides HLI users with access to the most comprehensive multilingual, medical specialty-specific clinical terminology available to physicians for accessing and entering information into electronic medical records (EMRs).

As the worldwide standard for EMR terminology, SNOMED CT encompasses a very broad set of clinical terms. HLI's Clinical Specialty Subsets comprises convenient, practical lists that organize medical specialty-specific terms into SNOMED CT, providing a common language for consistently capturing, sharing and aggregating health data across specialties and sites of care for the treatment and prevention of diseases, injuries and impairments. The subsets meet clinical information standards and ensure the selection of SNOMED codes that can be readily mapped to HIPAA-compliant standards such as ICD-9-CM.

"Globally, government and public initiatives are mandating or recommending standardization of medical codes throughout the healthcare marketplace to eliminate the errors that often occur in clinical documentation," explains Brian Levy, M.D., HLI's chief medical officer and senior vice president. "We are pleased to offer these specialty-specific subsets in conjunction with our language engine to ensure accurate medical documentation. These subsets will allow clinicians to more easily select codified patient diagnoses and procedures resulting in safer, higher quality patient care."

This new module allows HLI's LE to instantly cross map SNOMED CT to ICD-9 and other HIPAA-mandated standards at the time of data entry for more accurate billing and coding, resulting in faster payments and fewer claim denials. The LE's ability to facilitate conversion of SNOMED CT and other medical terminology into codes and concepts also promotes patient safety, decision support and data analysis. These subsets and all other terminologies HLI offers are updated on a regular basis by HLI's content domain experts to ensure the most up-to-date information.

SNOMED CT provides clinician-friendly granular terminology and billable diagnostic and treatment service codes in the following medical specialties:

--  Allergy/immunology
--  Anesthesiology
--  Critical Care
--  Dermatology
--  Endocrinology
--  Family practice
--  Gastroenterology
--  General surgery
--  Gynecology
--  Hematology
--  Infectious disease
--  Internal medicine
--  Neurology
--  Neurosurgery
--  Obstetrics
--  Oncology
--  Ophthalmology
--  Orthopedics
--  Psychiatry
--  Pulmonology
--  Rheumatology
--  Urology
SNOMED CT is the result of an extensive collaboration between SNOMED International, a division of the College of American Pathologists, and the United Kingdom's National Health Service. It contains over 366,000 healthcare concepts with unique meanings and formal logic-based definitions organized into hierarchies. As of July 2005, the fully populated table with unique descriptions for each concept contains almost a million descriptions. Approximately 1.46 million semantic relationships exist to enable reliability and consistency of data retrieval.

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Aurora, Colo.-based Health Language, Inc. (HLI), develops and delivers state-of-the-art software solutions that automatically incorporate medical vocabulary and coding standards into healthcare information technology (HCIT) applications. HLI's Language Engine (LE) allows centralized access to medical terminology standards and generates mappings to create a common pool of standardized codes and concepts that enhance patient safety, facilitate clinical outcomes analysis and accelerate reimbursement. It also provides standards for modeling, storing, updating and distributing information consistently for interoperability between hospitals, regions and countries. LE solutions seamlessly integrate with EMRs for clients such as Cerner, McKesson, Misys, Partners Healthcare and Great Britain's National Health Service. For more information, visit or call 303.307.4400.

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