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August 25, 2010 07:55 ET

Heartland Financial Joins Long List of Banking Institutions Using PhoneFactor to Protect Remote Access

Multi-Factor Authentication Critical to Secure All Paths to Customer Financial Data

OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  PhoneFactor, Inc., the leading global provider of phone-based multi-factor authentication services, today announced the addition of several new banking institutions to their rapidly growing client list. Heartland Financial USA, OceanFirst Bank, Northway Bank, and CUANY Credit Union have all recently been added to PhoneFactor's growing financial services roster.

While PhoneFactor has been widely deployed as a means to protect banking customers from online fraud, banks are also adopting PhoneFactor to secure another critical access point -- remote employee logins. Due to the large amount of personal and financial data banks collect, they are a primary target in the growing battle against increasingly sophisticated and well organized cybercriminals and continue to be closely monitored by the federal government. Banks must meet rigorous compliance standards as well as fulfill the high security expectations of their customers. Multi-factor authentication has become the gold standard for protecting not only customer transactions, but also remote employee access.

Although security is clearly the most important decision-making factor, the economic meltdown has been especially hard on the banking industry, and any expense that cannot be turned into a profit center must be closely scrutinized. PhoneFactor makes securing employee remote access easy, efficient, and cost-effective for banks.

PhoneFactor's out-of-band security rapidly meets all compliance guidelines. There are no expensive security tokens to provision, manage, or support. The bank employee simply logs in remotely with a username and password. Instantly, his phone rings. He answers, presses # (or enters an optional PIN), and is immediately granted access. The same simplicity and security that make PhoneFactor an ideal solution for online banking logins and transactions applies to employee logins as well. There are no extra devices for employees to carry and no software or certificates for employees to install. It works instantly with any phone.

PhoneFactor also offers optional out-of-band SMS text authentication or voice biometric authentication. Heartland Financial is giving their employees the option to select either phone call or SMS authentication. Either out-of-band option is easily set-up through PhoneFactor's simple self-managed user menu.

"Banks are under tremendous pressure to provide air tight security and still keep costs down," said Tim Sutton, PhoneFactor CEO and co-founder. "PhoneFactor allows them to do that. Our out-of-band security gives them an easy, cost-effective, compliant solution that literally won't break the bank."

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