SOURCE: Helene Phillips

July 31, 2008 20:47 ET

Helene Phillips' 4 Easy Steps to an Incredible Body

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 31, 2008) - Helene Phillips, the mind, body and soul guru to the elite dance world, has released her four easy steps to getting a stunning physique. Helene is a world-class dancer, choreographer and Emmy-nominated director who has worked with renowned stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson and John Travolta. Having worked at the top of her industry for the past several decades, Helene has cracked the code to getting the perfect dancers' body.

Helene recommends these expert tips of the trade:

1.  Firing Your Abs - When you're in your car at a stoplight, take the
    palm of your hands and push down on the top of the steering wheel.
    Keep your shoulders down and your neck relaxed. The minute you press
    down, you will start to "fire" your abs. This is such a concentrated
    move that without working hard at all, you will be accomplishing
    loads for your arms and abs!

2.  Foot Fetish - You're shopping, going to the market, taking kids to
    play dates, or anytime you find yourself standing still (waiting in
    a line, etc.) take your toes and push them into the ground. You are
    working your arch and many muscles in your feet. The way to a strong
    body starts at the feet.

3.  Diminishing Your Derrière - Anytime you are seated, take a moment or
    two and squeeze away. When you squeeze, hold it for a count of 3 and
    then release. Do this several times and you will start to kick your
    butt into shape!

4.  Necking Out - This exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. When you
    begin to do this, it's easier if you are seated (The car is a great
    place for this). Take the back of your head (not the top of your head)
    and press it towards the seat. At the same time take your chin and
    push it down towards your neck. Hold this position for a few seconds
    and then release. Do this several times a day. We carry the weight of
    the world in our shoulders and neck area, yet we never think to take
    care of our necks. Our necks are supporting so much. We need to work
    them out. Also, our necks are one of the first places we show our
    age! With a healthy neck, comes a youthful looking neck!

Whether you want to get fit for summer, avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain or keep your youthful looks, Helene's four easy steps will surely change the way you feel in mind, body and soul.

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Helene Phillips is a true visionary with an incredible talent for keeping her body of work passionate, committed, and most importantly, "real." From performing to choreographing, to directing, she has contributed to some of the worlds most acclaimed productions. Helene's credentials speak for themselves. Beginning in the 1980s, Helene was quickly named one of the top dancers of her time. She was one of the original "Solid Gold" dancers as well as lead dancer in such movies as "Stayin' Alive" with John Travolta, "Dr. Detroit" with Dan Akroyd, and "Going Berserk" with John Candy.

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