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November 15, 2006 08:30 ET

Here's Looking at You, Boomers -- Boomer Launches With Stylish, Affordable Reading Glasses (Whatever Your Age)

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 -- As the baby boom generation comes of age, this much is clear: things aren't as clear as they used to be.

Enter Boomer Eyeware (, an online specialty retailer that launches today, offering baby boomers -- and those who need a little help seeing the small things in life -- a new way to purchase reading glasses. A visit to the Boomer online store provides shoppers with guaranteed quality and market-leading pricing, across four distinct categories of reading glasses: ValueEyes, for maximum economy; HotSees, for high style; BoomerEyes Classics, for traditionalists; and Sun Readers reading sunglasses.

Boomer Eyeware is part of a "booming" trend across the cultural and commercial landscape. Between 2000 and 2030, more than 40 million Americans will join the 45+ age group, accounting for 80 percent of the growth of the U.S. adult population. The current group of seniors is more active than any in history, with greater discretionary income than previous groups in this age bracket.

"Resistance to the inevitable keeps life fuzzier than necessary for too many people," said Steve Ades, founder and CEO, Boomer Eyeware. "Eyewear can be a personal statement -- more than a fashion accessory, and for many of us who wear them, reading glasses are a necessity.

"We're serving America's community of 80 million boomers -- and up-and-coming boomers -- as the online destination for fashionable, high-value eyewear," Ades said. "Boomer Eyeware is an engaging, convenient alternative to the corner drugstore, with the accent on eyewear lines that are cool, hip and fun."

Boomer Eyeware categories include:

--  ValueEyes.  For those who too often ask, "where did I leave my
    glasses?" Boomer Eyeware offers its ValueEyes six-pack.  Priced at less
    than $1.89 a pair, ValueEyes is designed for consumers who need never be
    without their glasses again.
--  HotSees.  For those who demand style, HotSees, Boomer Eyeware's
    fashion line, is just the ticket.  Trendy, chic, stylized, HotSees are
    updated frequently with new, hot styles and colors.  Like many products
    sold in boutiques, most Hot Sees styles are limited editions, so when
    they're gone, they're gone.
--  Boomer Eyes Classics.  Some consumers view themselves as
    traditionalists and insist on classically designed eyewear.  Boomer Eyes
    Classics provide that traditional look and classic styling -- perfect for
    the office.
--  SunReaders.  Whether it's gardening or reading, Boomer Eyeware Sun
    Readers are the solution for outdoor activity.  Sun Readers include bi-
    focal lenses so consumers can keep their glasses on while driving or
Recognizing that those who buy reading glasses tend to have a number on hand, Ades noted that many Boomer Eyeware items are subject to additional discounts when purchased in quantity.

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Based in Los Angeles, Boomer Eyeware ( is a unique online destination that provides a distinctive array of stylish, high quality, affordable reading glasses, marketed expressly to members of the baby boom generation.

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