Author Paul Young

Author Paul Young

March 03, 2010 02:22 ET

High School Dropout Challenges Society

COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 3, 2010) - A former high school dropout has published a document rhetorically titled The Layman's Petition, taking direct aim at some deeply held social/cultural taboos associated with education. Drawing directly on his personal experience, first time author Paul Young raises questions about the 'moral authority' of a system that fails to "...recognise either the fundamental purpose or the medium itself, as it relates to human consciousness and the role of dignity in a healthy and just society." Attempts by the author to engage the educational establishment continue to go unacknowledged.

Contacted through the book's website, the author remarked, "I wanted to produce a work that would provide both educators and parents with a direct insight into the world of an academically and therefore socially marginalised member of society." Having pursued no further formal education, the now fifty year old high school dropout continued, "Not all high school dropouts end up in jail; the incongruity between those numbers possessing less than a high school diploma and those actually incarcerated suggests that there is more going on with the human experience than a simple social/academic model would have us believe."

When asked about the ultimate objective of his work, the author quoted a symbolic preamble woven into the book's title chapter, "...Whereas history has not solved conflict through any sub-collective or cumulative thought process, we ask for your blessing to let us seek each other through our underlying intelligence."

The author dropped out of high school in the mid 1970s when unskilled labour jobs were still relatively plentiful. Asked if he would encourage today's marginalized student to follow his example, the emphatic reply was, "Absolutely not!"..."Although I do not regret my specific choices, opportunities have changed dramatically since those days; I encourage all academically marginalised students to remain within a learning environment for as long as humanly possible. I urge all other students, parents, teachers and Ministry of Education officials to acknowledge the disruptive and unsustainable nature of an educational system that consistently fails to recognise its fundamental purpose within a democratic society."

The book and supporting materials can be downloaded free at . A quality paperback version of the rhetorically titled book is also available from Trafford Publishing through the provided link.

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